Tufdek Drawings & Specifications

TUFDEK Vinyl Decking Installation Drawings

Tufdek™ is committed to the construction and specification community by continually updating and improving the details and specifications for the use of our waterproof vinyl decking products. Installation specifications and drawings help industry professionals design and construct more sustainable projects.

In the vinyl deck waterproofing industry it’s the details that determine the success or failure of your deck projects. Tufdek has developed drawings and specifications to help you properly implement and install the Tufdek deck waterproofing system into your next project. If the detail you require is not in the list below please contact us online or email our waterproof decking experts and we will help you design it.

Outside Deck Edge Terminations

TD-01-Typical Deck to Wall
TD-02-A-Deck Edge with Tuff-Clad
TD-02-B-Deck Edge with Gutter
TD-07-Upstand Wall with Cap Flashing
TD-13-Concrete Deck To Wall Intersection
TD-25-Deck Post With Reglet

Deck To Wall Terminations

TD-03-A-Single Gum Shoe On Wall
TD-03-B-Wall with Stucco Cut Out
TD-03-C-Wall Flashing on Existing Siding
TD-04-Brick or Stucco with Reglit
TD-08-A-Strip In At Stucco Wall
TD-08-B-Strip In At Stucco Wall
TD-08-C-Strip In At Stucco Wall
TD-08D-Strip In At Stucco Wall
TD-09-Wall Transition With Rain Screen
TD-18-Removable Trim Board
TD-19-Inside Wall Through Wall Flashing

Deck Railing Details

TD-12-A-Rail Attached to Rain Screen Facia
TD-12-B-Rail Attached To Outside Of Upstand Wall
TD-12-C-Rail Attached To Inside Of Upstand Wall
TD-12-D-Rail To Deck Surface With Pedestal
TD-12-E-Rail Mounted Flush To Deck Surface

Deck Drainage Details

TD-06-Tuf-Seal PVC Coated Overflow Drain
TD-14-Tuff-Seal Deck Drain
TD-17-Tuff-Seal PVC Box Scupper

Specialty Waterproofing Details

TD-05-Wood Curb or Skylight Flashing
TD-10-Tie In with Shingle Roof System
TD-11-Deck to Wall Interface
TD-15- Post Wrap Detail Field Formed Model (1)
TD-16-A Door Sill Detail Field Formed
TD-16-B Door Sill Detail Field Formed
TD-26-Tuff Clad Inside Wall Flashing
TD-27-Tuff Clad Deck Edge Drip Flashing

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