Vinyl Deck Edge Clips Always Fail

When doing it right matters, we recommend using our Tufdek hot-air welded Tuff-Clad PVC metal flashings for vinyl deck edge terminations instead of vinyl deck edge clips made of plastic that always fail.

Waterproof your deck with Tuff-Clad vinyl deck edge terminations and your deck will never leak.

Plastic deck edge clips are commonly used for vinyl deck edge terminations and are notorious for failing. The clip will come off, water will get in, and the outside edge of your deck will rot. (See the images below)

Use Only Tuff-Clad PVC Metal Flashings!

Ensure that your vinyl decking is installed right and waterproofed properly the first time by an Authorized Tufdek Dealer using our proprietary laminated Tuff-Clad PVC metal flashings.

To find an Authorized Tufdek Dealer in your area, contact us today and make sure you get a Complete Waterproof Deck Solution from Tufdek.

Tufdek is the WORLD’S STRONGEST vinyl decking

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