Tufdek TX-60 Vinyl White Decking

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Tufdek TX-60 vinyl white decking is also a waterproof roofing product. It can be used as an anti fracture membrane under concrete (or tile) for areas requiring extra waterproof performance. Tufdek TX-60 white vinyl decking can also be combined with any one of the Tufdek™ walkable top sheets to create the industry’s most distinctive and long-lasting, walkable two-ply roof solution. This Tufdek TX-60 waterproof vinyl white decking also features Cool Step Floor Protection, a product that is solar reflective and highly emissive so that less heat is transferred into your deck structure. Cool Step technology helps to keep your deck cooler even in direct sunlight!

Suggested White Decking Uses

Tufdek TX-60 vinyl white decking is designed for use on flat or low slope roof areas such as suspended slab concrete decks and walkways. It can also be used for traffic bearing roof decks over habitable living spaces, underneath the tile, and with exterior lightweight concrete. Tufdek TX-60 2-Ply is a lightweight solution to waterproof areas originally designed as inverted roof systems.

Quality Guaranteed

Tufdek TX-60 vinyl white decking has been assembled to exacting quality control standards by one of North America’s leading PVC roofing membrane manufacturers. This process is continually monitored and audited by Intertek ensuring the highest in vinyl product quality and standards.

  • Tufdek TX-60 Single-Ply Vinyl – 10-year limited warranty available.
  • Tufdek TX-60 2-Ply Vinyl – 20-year limited warranty available.

After TX-60 vinyl is installed by a Tufdek™ dealer you’ll have long-term enjoyment on your waterproof deck or rooftop living space. This Tufdek outdoor waterproof vinyl flooring product provides a surface that resists scratches and scuffs, avoids fading, and will look terrific for the life of your deck.

If you are interested in waterproofing a new deck or rooftop area or making a renovated deck or patio watertight, installing Tufdek TX-60 vinyl white decking is an excellent choice.

For more information about our Tufdek TX-60 white vinyl deck flooring or about any other Tufdek™ waterproof vinyl decking products, feel free to send us an email or call our Tufdek outdoor decking experts toll free at 1-877-860-9333.

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