Colored Vinyl Deck Designs & Patterns By Tufdek

Tufdek™ manufactures a wide variety of deck colors and patterns to suit any exterior design requirements and waterproof decking scheme. We often take years to develop and finalize a new vinyl deck pattern before it can be added to our color pallet. It is our sincerest hope that you find the Tufdek coloured decking and design to suit your project. Visit our project profiles page.

Scuffing or abrasions of the printed top surface on vinyl decking can happen if the product is intentionally or unintentionally cared for, abused or mistreated, choosing the right design will minimize potential issues. If you are using vinyl decking in a high traffic area or have a deck where scuffing of shoes or abrasions from furniture is a concern, we suggest you choose designs with less ink or contrast to minimize appearance problems. If you are concerned about vinyl decking performance ask your Authorized dealer which designs are better suited for your application.

Tufdek Designer Series

Designer Birch Plank Vinyl Flooring
Designer Rustic Plank Vinyl Flooring
Designer Driftwood Vinyl Flooring
Designer Aggregate Vinyl Flooring

Tufdek Supreme Series

Supreme Carrara Marble Vinyl Flooring
Supreme Graphite Vinyl Flooring
Supreme Pearl Vinyl Flooring
Supreme Slate Grey Vinyl Flooring
Supreme Almond Vinyl Flooring
Supreme Sanibel Marble Vinyl Flooring
Supreme Walnut Vinyl Flooring
Supreme Desert Sand Vinyl Flooring
Supreme Valencia Marble Vinyl Flooring

Tufdek is the WORLD’S STRONGEST vinyl decking

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