Authorized Tufdek Dealer Application

Steps To Becoming An Authorized Tufdek Dealer

The advantages to becoming a Tufdek Dealer is the ability to sell, install and perform quality work with the best looking, best performing waterproof deck system available on the market today.

If you are applying to become a Tufdek Dealer you will be required to come to our facility in Kelowna, BC for 3 days of hands on training. If travel for training is not currently an option for you we recommend contacting us about our open source vinyl decking that is available for immediate purchase.

To purchase Tufdek products we require:

1. Completion of the online Dealer Application.
2. Signing of the Tuff Industries Dealership Agreement after your application is approved.
3. Completion of the Tufdek Dealer training program at our facility.

Tufdek Dealer Advantages

  • Who are your customers and what percentage of your business is done within each category:

  • Listed below are the names and emails of people in our company that we give you permission to correspond with electronically, via email or e-newsletter:

Tufdek is the WORLD’S STRONGEST vinyl decking

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