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The advantages to becoming a Tufdek Dealer is the ability to sell, install, and perform quality work with the best looking, best performing vinyl deck system on the market today. The core of our dealer-friendly reputation is built on superior products and our integrated installation system and training.

The success of Tufdek is built on the relationships we have established with our Authorized Tufdek Dealers, many who have been selling and installing Tufdek for over 10 years. Our dealers not only trust the vinyl deck products and installation systems we provide, but they trust us.

If you are interested in becoming a Tufdek dealer, your trust is something we take seriously and we ensure every Authorized Tufdek Dealer is treated the same. Large or small we value everyone’s participation in the Tufdek story.  For more information about joining our team contact us today!

Tufdek Dealer Advantages

Some of the Advantages to Becoming a Tufdek Dealer:

  • A three-day training program in our facility which will give you basic deck waterproofing techniques and installation details. When completed you will have the fundamental knowledge to build upon with your own installation company.
  • Architectural details and literature that are updated regularly.
  • Detailed product and workmanship warranties to give to your customers.
  • Rigorous research and development that encompasses many labs and facilities, as well as in-house testing on systems and compatibilities.
  • Various code approvals such as ASTM, CCMC, CGSB and FBC.
  • Continual product development that ensures we stay at the forefront of the waterproof vinyl deck industry.
  • Published documents for easy reference including Tuff Industries’ technical bulletins, installation overviews, training videos, project profiles etc.
  • A complete selection of brochures, videos, signage, graphics, case histories, binders, samples and mockups.
  • Online website presence and project leads for Authorized Dealers.
  • Continuing education programs for the Architectural and Engineering community leading to project specific specification of Tufdek products.
  • Home show support that encourages Authorized Dealers to take part in local trade shows. We supply booths, signage, mockups, graphics and marketing materials. Our sales team is also available for home show training and participation.

Our inside sales, technical and marketing staff will work tirelessly with you to make our relationship a long and profitable one.

Contact us today for more information about becoming an Authorized Tufdek Dealer.

Each dealer and installation contractor is independently owned and operated. Each dealer is an authorized licensed user of the trade mark Tufdek™, which trade mark is owned by Tuff industries Inc. Dealers and installation contractors have no authority to assume or create any obligation whatsoever, expressed or implied, in the name of Tuff Industries Inc., nor to bind Tuff Industries Inc. in any manner whatsoever. Dealers and installation contractors are solely liable for all installation-related repairs and defects and related warranty work.

Tuff industries Inc. strongly recommends that customers first conduct their own independent due diligence and investigations regarding the experience and qualifications of such dealers and installation contractors prior to retaining them.

Tufdek is the WORLD’S STRONGEST vinyl decking

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