Hydrophobic Waterproof Vinyl Decking By Tufdek

Tufdek hydrophobic top finish

At Tuff Industries Inc. we are committed to developing higher performing and longer lasting vinyl decking products while reducing our environmental impact. The printed surface of our signature brand Tufdek™ vinyl decking is sealed with our proprietary aqueous based hydrophobic polycarbonate top finish. This unique innovation makes Tufdek™ easier to clean and maintain while extending its U.V. protection resulting in a longer lasting product with more vibrant color retention.

Tufdek’s Polycarbonate top finish is specifically designed to be Hydrophobic. This innovative water-repelling technology forces surface water into droplets that hold residual debris and dirt up from the vinyl surface making Tufdek vinyl membranes cleaner and easier to maintain.

The Polycarbonate Hydrophobic top finish on Tufdek vinyl is another added benefit of our advanced polycarbonate topcoat technology. Tufdek Hydrophobic waterproof vinyl decking designs come in a design pattern to complement any home’s exterior. Contact us today for more information.

All Tufdek Color Designs Feature Hydrophobic Polycarbonate Technology

Tufdek is the WORLD’S STRONGEST vinyl decking

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