Supreme Sanibel Marble Vinyl Decking

The lightly dappled look of Sanibel Marble vinyl decking by Tufdek™ offers the look of rock without the hassles of cleaning and maintenance required of a rock surface. On your sundeck, roof deck, patio or balcony, this waterproof vinyl will blend well with any color of home siding, railing, or fencing.

Sanibel Marble vinyl decking is also a great alternative to concrete pool surrounds. It not only looks great and is easily installed, but also uses proprietary Aqueous based inks with revolutionary Polycarbonate top finish. Our technology ensures that this waterproof decking can withstand the rigors of active families. As with all Tufdek products, you’ll find a fabulous blend of durability and affordability, all wrapped up in a PVC waterproof membrane that seals watertight against the elements.

Choosing a great waterproof vinyl decking product is no small task, but with Sanibel Marble vinyl decking you’ll end up with a beautiful deck or patio surface that looks great, requires low maintenance, protects against the elements, and will stand up to the test of time. Sanibel Marble vinyl also features highly reflective Cool Step technology, designed to help keep your deck surface cooler. Tufdek Supreme Sanibel Marble is 50% cooler than our warmest deck surface, which makes it a cooler color choice for your next project!

Just imagine how great your outdoor space could look after installing Sanibel Marble vinyl decking or any other waterproof Tufdek™ vinyl decking product – it could completely change the look of your yard space with a minimal investment.

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Always choose Sanibel Marble Vinyl from actual samples.

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Tufdek Supreme Sanibel Marble Vinyl Flooring is assembled by one of North America’s leading PVC roof membrane manufacturers and quality audited by Intertek, an independent third-party testing facility.

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