Vinyl Decking Technical Bulletins

Check out these technical Vinyl Decking Bulletins by Tuff Industries, a great source of information for professional waterproofing installers. This series of technical documents covers a variety of topics including cold wet weather installations, vinyl installation on concrete, Canadian Building Codes for roofing, and much more.

Our vinyl decking bulletins offer detailed information regarding substrates and installation situations when installing Tufdek vinyl decking products. Also, take a look at some of our dealer project profiles.

Along with decking specifications and drawings, our Technical data sheets are just one of the many resources that you can draw from when researching and inquiring about Tufdek vinyl. Our technical team is the best in the business and we are always here to help.

If you have any questions at any time about waterproofing sundecks, balconies, and even flat roof decks, please contact us today online or by email at or phone toll-free at 1-877-860-9333.

Tufdek Product Advantage Data Sheet
Tufdek Product Data
Plywood Specifications Bulletin
Plywood Specifications
North American Plywood Sizes & Grades Bulletin
North American Plywood Sizes & Grades
Plywood fillers bulletin.
Synthetic Filler Plugs
Plywood knots and vinyl membrane discoloration bulletin.
Plywood Knots
Cold Wet Weather Installations bulletin
Cold Wet Weather Installations
Sealed Or Coated Concrete bulletin
Sealed Or Coated Concrete
Tuff Industries bulletin discussing "inadequate deck slope."
Ponding Water
Decks Are Roofs bulletin
Decks Are Roofs
Vinyl Installation On Concrete bulletin
Vinyl Installation On Concrete
Canadian Building Code Roofs Explained bulletin
Canadian Building Code Roofs Explained
PVC & Bitumen profile sheet
PVC & Bitumen
Tuff Industries bulletin with Application Instructions for Contact Adhesive.
Application of Contact Adhesive
Crude Oil bulletin
Crude Oil
History Of Plastics bulletin
History Of Plastics

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