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Designer Birch Plank

Tufdek Waterproof Vinyl Decking Videos

Vinyl Decking Installation & Advantages

The following offers a few examples of some of the videos you can find on our Tufdek YouTube Channel that cover such topics as:

  • Tufdek Dealer Advantages
  • How Tufdek Vinyl Decking is Manufactured
  • Customer Testimonials
  • Continuing Education Overview Video

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Tufdek Customer Testimonials

Tufdek Product Tear Test

Tufdek Waterproof Vinyl Decking Membrane Structure

Tufdek Dealer Advantages

Tufdek Continuing Education CE Overview Video

Tufdek Waterproof Vinyl Decking

Tufdek Cool-Step

Tufdek 360° Video Experience

Tufdek - Designer Birch Plank

Waterproof Vinyl Decking by Tufdek

Tufdek is the WORLD'S STRONGEST vinyl decking