FAQ Page for Tufdek Waterproof Vinyl Decking

Common Questions About Tufdek ™ Vinyl Decking Products

Tufdek is a sheet vinyl product which comes on a roll and is used to waterproof outdoor walking surfaces such as decks, balconies, walkways, roof-decks and patios

Tufdek is not a liquid coating. Tufdek is similar to PVC roofing or linoleum flooring and comes on a roll and is adhered to the surface you intend to waterproof with specially designed adhesives.

Tufdek rolls are 64″ wide by any custom length up to 360′ lineal feet. There are 1908 square feet of Tufdek on a full master roll.

Home owners, Contractors, Architects, Envelope Consultants and Renovators who use Tufdek are looking for a long lasting waterproof solution. They are looking for a permanent waterproof product to help solve building envelope failures and keep the areas below the deck surface dry. Once you have an “Authorized Dealer” install Tufdek on your waterproofing project, you can expect years of maintenance free use.

At Tuff Industries Inc. we think of Tufdek waterproof decking as roofing. After all, we are waterproofing a flat surface just like a roof. Tufdek products comply with the following:

International Code Council (ICC, AC39 and AC75, Non Classified Roof Systems
Canadian General Standards Board, (CGSB 37.54-95, PVC Roofing and waterproof membrane)
American Society for Testing and Materials, (ASTM D4434-09, Standards for PVC roof membranes).
Most importantly, Tufdek is audited and has added a second level of quality control by enlisting the services of Intertek (Warnock / Hersey) as a third party auditor to sample and test Tufdek quarterly to ensure we continually meet our product claims. View our Testing page

All Tufdek products are covered by a written warranty. These warranties are available from the “Authorized Dealer” who installed Tufdek on your project. See Tufdek dealer for more information. View our Warranties

Residential is defined as balcony or deck area attached to or within an owner, or tenant, occupied single family residence.

Tufdek is adhered to a smooth dry substrate using proprietary Tuff branded adhesives. If more than one vinyl panel is required then the subsequent panels are overlapped one inch (1″) minimum and hot air welded to the adjoining panels to ensure a continuous waterproof surface. Tufdek is then detailed at the inside and outside edges to complete the installation and make the surface and up stand transitions waterproof.

The waterproof warranty on Tufdek is 15 years. The life expectancy is dependent on many factors such as maintenance, sun exposure, foot traffic volumes, chemical or air borne contaminants and use or abuse. Often the issues previously mentioned can affect the products appearance before the waterproof integrity of Tufdek is compromised. Please read your Tufdek Warranty and the Tufdek Maintenance instructions for further information View our Warranties

An Authorized Tufdek dealer is an installation contractor who is independently owned and operated. Each dealer is an authorized licensed user of the trade mark Tufdek, which trade mark is owned by tuff Industries Inc. Tuff industries inc. strongly recommends that customers first conduct their own independent due diligence and investigations regarding the experience and qualifications of such dealers and installation contractors prior to retaining them.

Tufdek, like all vinyl decking products, has the design printed onto the surface of the vinyl. Tufdek uses water based inks and a unique proprietary polycarbonate top finish which achieves the following:

  • protects from pre-mature fading and discoloration
  • reduces issues related to scuffing (product will still scuff from friction)
  • reduces marring and abrasions
  • reduces plasticizer loss which helps extend the life cycle of the vinyl
  • helps make the vinyl easier to clean with less dirt retention
  • helps reduce damage from chemical interactions

Scuffing of the printed surface is possible on all vinyl decking if the product is not properly cared for, abused or mistreated. Choosing the right design will go a long way to help offset potential issues. If you are using Tufdek in a high traffic area or have a deck where scuffing of shoes or abrasions from furniture is a concern, we suggest you choose designs with less ink and / or contrast to minimize these issues. Ask your Authorized dealer which designs are better suited for your application.

Tufdek is virtually maintenance free and requires no re-coating or re-surfacing after it is installed. Regular maintenance in accordance with our Tufdek maintenance instruction will help maintain your Tufdek product and prolong its waterproofing service life.

Tufdek has been installed into the harsh winter environments of the North West Territories, the Yukon and Alaska with exceptional results. Tested to various cold crack standards as required for PVC roofing at temperatures of minus 40, Tufdek will stand up to the harshest of cold environments.

Tufdek is subjected to rigorous outdoor weathering trials which include testing of longevity at temperatures of 80 C / 176 F. Please see our testing data for more information on heat and sun exposure testing. View Atlas Testing Report

Tufdek is only available through Authorized Tufdek Dealers. In an effort to maintain a high level of installation quality we do not sell Tufdek for DIY installations. Customers who would like to install their own waterproofing vinyl decking can purchase our DIY brand of vinyl decking Econodek by going to this site.

You can use a plastic snow shovel to remove snow but always ensure your shovel has no sharp edges before using it on your Tufdek vinyl surface.

Tufdek is designed for residential applications only, Tuff Industries Inc. does not suggest or warrant Tufdek’s use in a commercial or industrial application.

Tufdek is available through Authorized Dealers only. We are currently expanding our dealership network and if there is not a dealer in your market we apologize. To see if there is a dealer near you contact Tufdek View Contact Page

We are currently expanding our Authorized Tufdek Dealership network. Our extensive product ensures Tufdek dealers can provide an excellent waterproofing solution to their communities while building a business and generating a great income for themselves. If you are interested in becoming an Authorized Tufdek Dealer please contact us View Contact Page

Tufdek can be installed on fir T & G plywood with a minimum thickness of 5/8″ although we recommend using 3/4″ fir T & G plywood for less deflection. For more detailed information regarding plywood standards and deck construction tips please click on the following link Plywood Specifications

Tufdek vinyl decking should not be installed or come in contact with treated lumber or treated concrete. Chemicals used to treat or protect various wood or concrete surfaces will permanently stain Tufdek vinyl products.

Some plywood grades such as G2S (good two side) and G1S (good one side) contain artificial / synthetic filler material which must be removed prior to installing Tuff vinyl membranes. If removal of synthetic filler material is not an option then they must be covered with two coats of Zinnser Bin Shellac Based Primer Sealer. Synthetic filler materials can damage plasticizers in vinyl, creating discoloration and premature degradation. See Plywood Specifications

Tuff Industries Inc. does not recommend the use of Tufdek on any handicap ramps or sloped walkways. The printed top surface as well as slip and skid resistance is not sufficient for these applications.

Tufdek must never be installed on or come in contact with bitumen or tar based products. Chemicals used in these products can permanently damage and stain Tufdek vinyl decking.

Each dealer and installation contractor is independently owned and operated. Each dealer is an authorized licensed user of the trade mark Tufdek™, which trade mark is owned by Tuff industries Inc. Dealers and installation contractors have no authority to assume or create any obligation whatsoever, expressed or implied, in the name of Tuff Industries Inc., nor to bind Tuff Industries Inc. in any manner whatsoever. Dealers and installation contractors are solely liable for all installation-related repairs and defects and related warranty work. Tuff industries Inc. strongly recommends that customers first conduct their own independent due diligence and investigations regarding the experience and qualifications of such dealers and installation contractors prior to retaining them.

We do not recommend using Tufdek for a pond liner, although they can work from a waterproofing perspective they are not specifically manufactured for this purpose. If you want to line a pond we recommend you use products designed for this purpose.

No. Water collected in bulk from the vinyl membrane surface for the specific purpose of watering plants is not recommended. Various chemicals within the vinyl are not considered plant friendly, even though the amount of chemical leaching is minimal we would not recommend this practice.

Indirect contact, or water run off containing bitumen residue, must be avoided. Long term exposure to contaminated water run off can cause staining and plasticizer deterioration. See PVC & Bitumen Bulletin

Pool and hot tub water is often exposed to heavy loads of sanitizers and other chemicals, repeat exposure can lead to discoloration or breakdown of the vinyl membrane.

Tufdek is both an air barrier and vapor barrier, this means condensation under the deck must be properly ventilated. No matter how high decks are from the ground if they are not properly ventilated they will retain excessive condensation and rot from the bottom up.

Simply put it is the fear of water.  Surfaces with Hydrophobic tendencies have an aversion to water and act to repel it by forming water droplets.  These water droplets minimize surface contact and hold both dirt and debris up from the surface of the vinyl making it easier to clean and maintain.  Tufdek’s polycarbonate top finish is a hydrophobic surface.

Tufdek is the WORLD’S STRONGEST vinyl decking

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