Understanding Vinyl Roof Deck Construction

Vinyl covered flat roof decks in multi unit complex

Understanding Vinyl Roof Deck Construction

When you are planning a vinyl roof deck building or renovation project, there can be a lot of confusing terminologies.

To help you, Tufdek has pulled together some of the important principles behind roof deck construction and waterproofing flat roof decks, so you can be better informed and make the best choice for your home or commercial vinyl rooftop decking project.

In the vinyl roof deck construction industry, it’s common to refer to the theories behind construction choices as the “Six D’s

These include:


Whether you hire a contractor or decide to do it yourself, understanding each of the Six D’s can help you and your contractor make better choices about waterproof decking materials and construction to build the best waterproof vinyl roof deck possible. So, with that in mind, let’s dive in and learn all about the Six D’s of vinyl roof construction and flat roof waterproofing.

Deflection: Why It’s Important to your Vinyl Roof Deck

This term refers to how your vinyl roof deals with water, ideally making sure that all water flows away from the building envelope. There are many factors that affect deflection, such as the slope of your roof deck, drip edges, and the overhang of the vinyl deck which protects the underlying structure. In most cases in roof deck waterproofing, a simple drip edge can be used to divert water correctly.

Drainage: Where’s the Water Go?

Drainage is vital to siphoning water away from the building envelope and foundation of your home, which involves using moisture barriers along with detailing around wall openings or posts. For example, flashing needs to be incorporated along with the roof deck waterproofing membrane, wall membrane, and wall cladding to avoid leaks and water damage. Posts also must be finished using a waterproof barrier and siding. Any drains need to slope towards the edge of the deck to prevent water from pooling.

Keeping your roof deck free from standing water is paramount to extending the life of your roof deck as well as protecting your home from water damage, mold, rot, etc.

Drying: It Needs to Breathe!

When water has access to an area of a roof deck, housing, or underside, it is vital that there is adequate air flow to dry out the structure quickly. Otherwise, you might be faced with deck damage caused by rot and mildew (not to mention potential health and safety hazards). While even the best building plans may not be able to restrict water from entering every single space, venting and circulation will ensure that any dampness or moisture build up does not become a problem.

Durability: How Long Will the Vinyl Roof Deck Last?

Ensuring long-lasting roof deck waterproofing means finding a durable vinyl membrane – one that can stand up the rigors of people, pets, and shifting weather. A waterproof roof deck membrane that is thermally welded to the roof surface and creates a 100% watertight deck that can stand up to the test of time, as well as whatever a family can throw at it. This is one step of the roof deck building process that you never, ever want to skimp out on, as it could cost you thousands more in the long term if you select an inferior vinyl surface.

Detailing: It Looks Nice!

A great roof deck is all about the details, which can make the difference between a beautiful, long-lasting vinyl deck and one that uses shoddy workmanship and is at risk of failure. By employing a qualified contractor, you can ensure that all the details are completed to exacting standards. Beyond that, you can use your own personal preferences and aesthetics to create a roof deck that feels like an extension of your home.

Deconstruction: All the Little Things Matter

This refers to is the use of high-quality roof decking materials and specific building practices to ensure a long-lasting waterproof surface. By considering deconstruction at the beginning of the vinyl roof deck construction process, certain materials can be added that can be quickly and easily replaced, without risking damage to the roof deck surface. What you’ll end up with is a fantastic final product that will be long lasting, as well as being easy to replace should you ever need vinyl roof deck repair down the road.

To learn more about our deck products for waterproofing flat roof deck surfaces, check out our FAQ page.

Now that you know more about what goes into creating a high quality roof deck, perhaps it’s time to plan a renovation?

Our deck experts at Tufdek™ can help and answer all your rooftop decking questions – talk to a dealer today or call us toll-free at 1-877-860-9333.

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