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Fall is a terrific time to start planning a deck renovation or new deck installation – so what’s the best way to plan for a new vinyl deck? Tuff Industries has some tips to help you get started: Tip One: Consider Location & Climate Don’t just consider the view when planning for a new vinyl

Enjoying summer? Perhaps you’re not getting as much out of your vinyl patio as you had hoped – we have a few tips to help you get more out of your patio or deck this year: Tip #1: Clean and Inspect the Vinyl Membrane You might be tempted to do a quick sweep and then

Concrete can seem like a great idea, in practice. It’s relatively inexpensive, can be used in a lot of scenarios, and seems to last a decent amount of time. However, when concrete starts to age you can run into a lot of problems that may make you think about ripping out and replacing concrete on

Is there any better place for enjoying the sunshine, friends, and family than by spending time on your vinyl deck? We don’t think so, which is why Tuff Industries suggests the following tips for getting the most out of your vinyl deck, patio, or vinyl roof deck this year. Tip One: Do Clean Vinyl Decks

Summer is perfect for pool parties, none more so than when your pool is surrounded by a beautiful vinyl patio. So how do you plan the perfect pool party? Here are  a few tips: Tip One: Pool Prep About a week before your planned party, test all pool-related systems, including lights and jets. Get your

No matter where in North America (or elsewhere) you live, it’s hard to miss the heat this year, as well as the calls to conserve water. Whether you live in a drought-prone area or not, it’s a good idea to set your yard and vinyl patio up to cut back on water usage, as well

While we live in an age where DIY projects are the norm, some home improvements should still be handled by a professional. Installing vinyl roof decks falls under that category. Tuff Industries explains why it’s so important to hire a professional to correctly install vinyl roof decks. Reason One: Installing Access to Vinyl Roof Decks Challenges

Many popular home and garden websites offer advice on deck and patio options for single-family residences.  Few, if any, offer advice on decking surface options for multifamily residences.  Tuff Industries hopes to change that by exploring the reasons why owners should choose vinyl membrane for multifamily residences. Ease of installation Vinyl decking surfaces are easily

While we all tend to focus on our yards when it comes to adding plants and flowers, vinyl decks and patios are also a great place to grow. Adding plants and flowers to vinyl decks and patios helps to increase enjoyment and can even keep pests away. Tuff Industries has pulled together the best heat-loving

Have you ever painted a room and then put your old furniture in it? Pretty blah, huh? If you’ve recently renovated your vinyl deck, then perhaps it’s time to take a few pages out of the Tuff Industries book and dress up your vinyl deck. Tip One: More Comfort Older patio chairs can be downright

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