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vinyl roof deck fall colours

Now that fall is fully underway, you’ve likely noticed that your rooftop garden is starting to look a bit…blah. Perhaps it’s time to invest in some colour. Tuff Industries has some recommendations for choosing the best fall plants for your vinyl roof deck. Choosing Plants for Vinyl Roof Decks When you are selecting deck plants

Vinyl membrane rental property

How does a vinyl deck membrane enhance and protect your rental? Every rental property is an investment, and also a balance between spending, saving and time spent. How can a Tufdek vinyl membrane help you? When you think about it, the choice couldn’t be easier: One: Vinyl Deck Membrane = Waterproof Protection Not all renters

7 Big Ideas for Small Vinyl Decks

Monday, 08 October 2018 by
tips for small vinyl decks

Make the Most of Vinyl Deck Space for Big Results Having a vinyl deck where you can sit and enjoy an afternoon or evening is a luxury that should be fairly simple – regardless of space. However, if you have a small vinyl deck you might find it difficult to “fit” in what you need.

5 Steps to a New Vinyl Deck

Thursday, 04 October 2018 by
tips for new vinyl deck construction

Unless you are in a brand new home, the chances are that at some point your home is going to be in need of a new vinyl deck. So where should you start? Tuff Industries has some tried and true advice to help you get from old deck to new, in just a few steps.

vinyl deck improvement project

Have a three-day weekend coming up, and looking for a project that will help improve your home? Take a look at your vinyl deck, patio, or pool surround – could it use some help? Here are a few projects you can accomplish on your upcoming long weekend, assuming the weather cooperates. Project #1: Install an

Advantages of PVC Vinyl Surfaces

Thursday, 27 September 2018 by
Birch Plank Vinyl Decking

Why Choose PVC Vinyl Surfaces? We at Tuff Industries know that you have a lot of options when it comes to deck materials, but PVC vinyl surfaces offer the best combination of waterproof deck protection, ease of maintenance, and long-term style to complement your home. Tufdek™ PVC vinyl surfaces make for an excellent waterproof covering

Fall Decor Ideas – Tufdek

Monday, 24 September 2018 by
Fall vinyl patios

Fall Decor Ideas Fall has officially arrived, and you may already feel the nip of cooler temperatures – but before you head inside, consider these tips to prepare your Tufdek Vinyl Patio for the fall months: Fall Decor Ideas: Pack it up, Pack it in Odds are there will still be days that you’ll want

tips planning a vinyl deck renovation

Vinyl Deck Railings – Tufdek Waterproof Deck Solutions Is your deck missing that little something that sets it apart? Is your vinyl deck surface in great condition, but your railings are not up to par? Or, do you need to make improvements to increase the safety of your deck? Perhaps it’s time to update to

improvements to vinyl patio

Vinyl Patio – Tufdek While you might feel tempted once the temperature starts to drop to pack up and head inside, the cooler Autumn months are actually a perfect time to make a few improvements to your vinyl patio. Consider taking on one of our Tuff Industries-approved vinyl patio improvement projects to make your patio

Deck Renovation – Tufdek

Monday, 10 September 2018 by
plan a vinyl deck project

Deck Renovation Now that you’re just about done using your deck for another year, you may have decided that it’s time to consider a new vinyl deck. Fall is the perfect time to start planning a vinyl deck renovation, as it gives you time to put together a proper plan of what you would like

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