Tufdek Waterproof Deck Solutions

Tufdek™ is the industry’s leading manufacturer and supplier of waterproof vinyl decking. Tufdek can be installed on most outdoor living spaces including balconies, sundecks, roof-top patios, walkways, stairs and concrete.

Tufdek has the most unique and sought-after designs which are sold and installed by Authorized Tufdek Dealers.

We take great pride in offering not only the World’s Strongest Vinyl Decking, but also quite simply, the best looking and best performing waterproof deck system available on the market today.

Tufdek Waterproof Vinyl Decking

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Compliance testing is paramount for ensuring the quality, safety, and environmental sustainability of construction projects. Continual product audits and testing ensures Tufdek can withstand environmental stressors such as temperature variations, moisture, and UV exposure, ensuring its long-term durability and reliability.

Compliance testing also provides assurance to consumers and industry professionals of Tufdek’s quality and performance, enabling decision-making during material selection. It enables manufacturers to identify and rectify potential weaknesses early in the development process, ensuring continuous improvement and customer satisfaction.

Overall, compliance testing is essential for ensuring that Tufdek vinyl decking materials meet regulatory requirements, uphold standards of excellence, and contribute to sustainable construction practices, making it a preferred choice by industry professionals for any outdoor projects.


We are excited to announce a brand-new Tufdek Designer Series colorway for the 2023 decking season, White Ash wood plank vinyl decking.

Tufdek White Ash has a weathered grey and white wood pattern with tones of light brown incorporated throughout the design. This unique Cool-Step color pattern adds a fresh new look to our Tufdek Designer series giving you the choice of a lighter wood plank design to enhance your outdoor space.

Contact us today about using Tufdek White Ash vinyl decking on your next outdoor project!

Large sample of Designer White Ash Vinyl Plank Flooring

Introducing Cool-Step Designs from Tufdek

Make your outdoor experience even more enjoyable with Cool-Step designs from Tufdek. Our Cool-Step Colors are up to 50% cooler than our warmest deck surface letting you spend more time on your deck on those hot summer days. Look for the Cool-Step logo on select Tufdek designs for a cooler color choice for your outdoor space.

Tufdek Leads the industry by taking bold steps to create the best vinyl decking designs and incorporating unique technology for advancements in performance. With 6 Cool-Step colors to choose from your sure to find a design that works for you. Visit our Cool-Step page today for more cool information.

For more information about using Cool-Step designs on your next project, contact us today by phone
or send us an email.

Tufdek is the WORLD’S STRONGEST vinyl decking

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