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Tufdek™ is serious when it comes to sustainability and doing what we can to help our planet. Our waterproof vinyl flooring products undergo rigorous testing and technical analysis because we are committed to reducing the impact on our environment and doing the things that make a big difference. Tufdek vinyl decking dealers, Architects, Engineers, and construction professionals are also welcome to check out our free Tufdek waterproof membrane course.

  • 100% of ALL production waste derived from run startups, stops and trimming is recycled back into other products and accessories our manufacturing partners produce. This saves thousands of tons of waste from being deposited into landfills each year. That’s sustainability!
  • Durability and the proven long life-cycle of Tufdek vinyl decking products further help reduce the burden on landfills. For further details see our vinyl deck maintenance and warranty page. Superior performance means Tufdek™ waterproof vinyl decking significantly outlasts our competition, which in turn means less energy and raw materials consumed during the building’s life cycle.
  • Protection is an integral part of the building envelope. Tufdek waterproof decking products protect the structure from the damaging effects of water and wind-driven rain thus reducing or eliminating the need to repair or replace other building components. This waterproof protection further reduces the need for raw material and energy charges associated with the building.
  • Tuff Industries is reducing the amount of VOCs in our vinyl deck installation system through the implementation of more water-based adhesives, low VOC solvent adhesives and non-VOC moisture cure caulking.
  • Even though Tufdek waterproof decking lasts for decades, what happens at the end of its long-life? For over a decade our manufacturing partners have been recycling deck membranes at the end of their useful life. The result is the opportunity to divert tons of waste from our landfills and further reduce our consumption of raw materials. The technology exists today to recycle “experienced” Tufdek decking membranes, however, the biggest challenge is to develop the infrastructure required to make the program viable without placing additional burdens on the environment.

To see all our vinyl decking products, visit our sitemap page. If you still have questions about sustainability or any of our products please feel free to call us at 1-877-860-9333.

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