Top Vinyl Deck Tips for Spring


Top Vinyl Deck Tips for Spring

Best Practices for Getting Decks Ready

If you’re hearing the chirp of birds and have seen a few plants poking their way through the snow, then perhaps spring is finally on its way. Before you know it, the sun will feel warmer, and you’ll be ready to spend time on your vinyl deck. But will your deck be ready?

Clean Your Vinyl Deck

The first step before enjoying your vinyl deck this spring is to clear off any snow, leaves, and dirt that may have accumulated over the winter. If the temperature is above freezing, you can use a hose and a stiff brush to loosen up any stubborn dirt.

Check the Vinyl Membrane

For older vinyl decks, you’ll want to check the vinyl membrane once your deck is clean. Bubbling, peeling, and cracking can be an issue with vinyl decking that’s approaching the end of its lifespan. Any of these signs may indicate the potential for bigger problems down the road – which means you might want to plan for a replacement soon.

Look for Looseness

Whether it’s just you, your family, or a party that will be using the deck, you’ll want to ensure that everything is safe before it’s put to use. One initial sign of potential trouble is protruding nails and loose screws, which can indicate a sign of shifting or potential hazard.

Older decks tended to use nails, which over time can work loose. Replacing these with deck screws can help keep your deck more structurally sound over the long term.

Check for Corrosion

Rust, corrosion, and rot are also big warning signs of an unsafe deck. While these issues may hide successfully over winter, come spring, you’ll see marks where rust water has run away, or where water damage and rot has started to set in. These issues should be addressed immediately, by replacing the fasteners and water-rot areas. Improving water removal and deck waterproofing can ensure that the problem can’t happen again in the future.

Flashing Protects your Home

Flashing is what extends the waterproofing of your deck to your home, and is vital to protect your home from water damage. If flashing is loose, cracked, or deteriorating, you’ll need to replace it before the spring rains leads to lasting damage to your home.

Ensure Railing and Stair Safety

Probably the most vital component of your deck’s safety is the stairs and railings, which allow access to the deck and keep everyone on it. Loose or wobbly stairs or railings should be addressed immediately by adding more security, or a replacement if needed.

Consider a Replacement

If your deck or deck surface is approaching the 2-decade mark, it’s probably time to consider a replacement. Twenty-year-old decks were not built to the same exacting safety standards as today, nor did they use the same long-lasting materials.

Once you’ve had a new vinyl deck surface professionally installed by a Tufdek™ Dealer, you’ll be ready to get out your patio furniture and enjoy!

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