Deck Safety

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Deck Safety

Deck Safety  – Tufdek™

As National Deck Safety Month continues, Tufdek wants to help you keep your vinyl deck in top condition. Let’s talk about specific hazards for families and how to tackle each problem so you can maximize your deck safety.

It’s your family, and it’s important – so pay attention!

Tip One: Tripping Hazards

Decks are a fun place to place and relax, but they can become a hazard if you aren’t paying attention. Clear up miscellaneous items (like toys) before spending time on the deck. It can help by keeping a bucket or basket handy to give you a place to put items.

With older vinyl surfaces, watch for peeling at the seams, which can make for a dangerous hazard. Peeling vinyl membranes are also a sign that it’s time to replace your vinyl deck.

Tip Two: Entry/Exit

How you access your deck can present a safety hazard. Particularly on older decks where access may not have been planned correctly. The door to your deck or vinyl patio should have a window, so you can see if someone is on the other side before you open it. Some doors may also swing in a direction that’s inconvenient for accessing the area, therefore, you could hang a new door.

Tip Three: Stairs

For families with young children and pets, the stairs present an ongoing deck safety hazard. Installing a secure baby gate at the top and bottom of the stairs can help prevent falls for younger children. Making sure the stairs themselves are safe as well as a priority. Many deck stairs can become eroded and slippery, which is a great reason to install Tufdek vinyl decking surface with its anti-slip surface.

Older stairs might have large gaps between the stair treads if it’s more than 4 inches it should be closed in. This will prevent trips or a small child from falling through.

Tip Four: Deck Safety Heat and Electrical

Almost every deck these days has a barbecue and a few outlets to plug-in accessories. Unfortunately for young children and pets, this can present a hazard. Make sure that pets and kids are clear of the barbecue while cooking, just in case something falls off the grill or the lid is left open momentarily.

Electrical outlets should have covers to protect from moisture and prevent little fingers from trying to get inside. Plugged in items should have cords stored out of the way to prevent tripping.

Tip Five: Furniture and Accessories

Toddling kids and rambunctious pets can cause havoc when furniture and other items aren’t stable. If you have any tippy chairs or things that can be pulled down now might be a good time to replace them with something a bit sturdier or move dangerous items out of reach.

Tufdek vinyl deck surfaces incorporate family-friendly technologies like Cool Step™ and Aqueous Based Inks with Polycarbonate Top Finish to keep your deck cool and reduce wear and tear. If your current deck doesn’t feel safe for pets and kids, perhaps it’s time to look at a Tufdek™ vinyl deck.

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