Spring Cleaning Decks Tips


Spring Cleaning Decks Tips

Get Your Deck Spic and Span

Is it time for your vinyl deck cleaning? Do you sense a hint of spring in the air? Are you ready to get out there and enjoy the buds on the trees, but a spring clean is in order first? If your patio, sundeck, or pool surround is covered with a PVC vinyl membrane, then you’ll want to read these spring cleaning tips:

Tip #1: Start at the top

What goes up must come down, including dirt and debris. So, if you’re cleaning your vinyl deck surface you’ll want to start at the highest point and work your way down. Otherwise, you’ll continually be cleaning up the vinyl deck surface as you tackle new cleaning projects.

Tip #2: Clear Away Clutter

Everything looks cleaner and feels cleaner when there’s less stuff to deal with. So, spend a day getting rid of anything you don’t need, don’t use, or don’t like. Also focus on yard clutter – dead grass, leaves, even plants and trees that are clogging up your yard.

Tip #3: Tidy Up Vinyl Deck Furniture

If you’re cleaning up around a vinyl deck or patio, why not tackle your furniture? Clean furniture will help your vinyl deck shine even more, and if not – then you know it’s time to start shopping!

Tip #4: Wash Windows!

Sure, this isn’t completely related to your vinyl membrane, but if you have a chance to clean windows inside and out, then you’ll be guaranteed to enjoy your deck and home more. Picture this, standing at the kitchen sink, gazing out through crystal clear windows to your relaxing, tidy sundeck.

Tip #5: Start Garden Prep

As soon as the ground around your yard thaws, it’s time to start prepping your garden. You can begin by getting rid of debris, pruning, and fertilizing. Any containers on your deck can be cleared out and replaced with fresh plants.

Tip #6: Evaluate Your Vinyl Membrane

Once everything’s cleared and your vinyl deck is clean (or patio, balcony, or pool surround), you can evaluate the vinyl deck surface and see if there’s any reason for concern. Bubbling, peeling, cracking, etc., are all indications that a replacement of the vinyl decking might be in order.

Tip #7: Start Planning

Whether it’s a change to your deck, improving the green space around a vinyl patio, or making some changes to railings, furniture, or accessories, spring is the perfect time to start planning for a great season with a thorough vinyl deck cleaning. And remember, we have professionals here to help make your deck look great if you need it.

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