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Waterproof vinyl deck with lake view and overlooking a pool

How To Protect Your Deck | Tufdek™

How To Protect Your Deck – Tufdek Vinyl Decking

In the following blog, we want to discuss why Tufdek waterproof vinyl decking is the best solution when looking for information on how to protect your deck. Tufdek is a complete waterproof and walkable surface all in one. With 14 great designs and an industry-leading warranty, Tufdek has you covered! Check out the 5 facts below on why Tufdek is a better alternative than a wood deck.

Most Deck Stains Fail In A Year [vinyl decks don’t need stain]

Even with a good deck stain on your side, new lumber is almost certain to cause that stain to fail prematurely without proper prep. Old lumber is just as bad. The best way to prepare a surface for maximum finish life is pressure washing followed by sanding with a 60-to 80-grit abrasive.

Think about the work involved here when looking at how to protect your deck – namely, removing all objects from your deck, pressure washing, sanding, and then staining your deck every year. Multiply that amount by 25 years and yikes!!

A single installation of a Tufdek vinyl membrane on your deck solves the stain issue. No more sanding, no more staining. All you need to do is some light maintenance (i.e. hose it off) a few times per year to keep the surface clean. Problem solved. Imagine the time saved!

Pressure-Treated Wood Is Tricky [vinyl membranes are safer]

The lumber industry has voluntarily stopped using arsenic-based preservative chemicals in the pressure-treated lumber they sold, and now the active ingredient is copper. This kind of wood is much more corrosive to screws, nails, and metal fasteners than plain wood or the old arsenic-preserved lumber.

You need to ensure that your builder uses fasteners made of stainless steel so they don’t corrode over time. Again, why bother? You’re still going to have the same issues with overall maintenance with a wood deck, whereas a Tufdek vinyl deck membrane is quickly installed and requires very little maintenance, as well as protecting your home and the underlying structure.

Design Affects Deck Life [vinyl decking works better]

It all boils down to how quickly a deck can dry out internally after it rains and after the spring melt. Unfortunately, most decks are built with large unventilated areas of wood in direct contact with each other. Build decks with ventilation spaces, and they’ll last much longer.

If you have areas where water can access you need to allow that space to dry out to avoid issues like rot and mold – there’s no argument there. However, you can also choose to install a complete waterproof decking system, like Tufdek, along with a correct slope, you’ll never have to worry about water collecting where it shouldn’t. As an added advantage, the vinyl deck will also prevent water from accessing the space underneath your deck so that it can be used for storage or as a second outdoor living space.

Exotic Deck Lumber Still Turns Grey [what a waste!]

You can spend big money on fancy deck lumber, but it still turns grey and weathered without care…Just realize that it’s going to take work to keep that rich, brown surface looking like more than a barn.

There are so many options other than wood that look great, without the expense of exotic wood, the environmental waste of stains and sealers, or the work to keep the deck looking good. Vinyl decking stands up to heat, cold, snow, as well as offering a durable surface to resist traffic – all without the need for hours and hours of annual maintenance while leaving less of an environmental footprint.

Who Needs Wood?

Tufdek vinyl decks are more durable and long-lasting than wood. With the professional installation of a Tufdek vinyl surface, you’ll end up with a deck surface that can last you for up to 20 years or more, at which time you can easily install new vinyl decking for much less than pulling out and replacing a wood deck.

Not sure whether a vinyl deck will look as good as wood? Check out our gallery of gorgeous vinyl decks, patios, and vinyl roof decks – then find an Authorized Tufdek Dealer to help you work out the details.

Tufdek Is The Best Choice When Looking At How To Protect Your Deck

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