Vinyl Roof Decks  – 4 Reasons to Hire a Professional

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Vinyl Roof Decks  – 4 Reasons to Hire a Professional

While we live in an age where DIY projects are the norm, some home improvements should still be handled by a professional. Installing vinyl roof decks falls under that category. Tuff Industries explains why it’s so important to hire a professional to correctly install vinyl roof decks.

Reason One: Installing Access to Vinyl Roof Decks Challenges

Whenever you create a hole in your roof/home exterior, you potentially 1) create a space where moisture can enter and 2) reduce structural integrity. Additionally, an installation professional can ensure that access to vinyl roof decks are convenient and easy to navigate.

Reason Two: Establishing Load Bearing Capacity of Vinyl Roof Decks

At least a few times a year you’ll hear a story about collapsing of roof decks. This tends to during the winter when the load increases due to snow, or in the summer when people are entertaining and have more people on their vinyl roof decks.. Whether due to an inexperienced DIY installation or old building codes, these issues can be easily resolved with a little foresight and an understanding of load bearing calculations.

Before vinyl roof decks are installed, the following calculations should be undertaken:

  1. Dead Load: The weight of the roof itself (frame, drywall, flooring, etc.)
  2. Live Load: The weight of variable components (people, furniture, outdoor kitchens, etc.)
  3. Dynamic Load: Weights that change throughout the year and vary by geographic location (includes wind and snow loads)

If you don’t know how to calculate these loads or don’t know the appropriate loads for your location you could build an unsafe roof deck. Not only could this cause injury, it could also cause significant (and expensive) damage to your home.

Reason Three: Professional Roof Deck Installers Have the Tools

Let’s imagine that you do decide to go ahead with building a vinyl roof deck. How are you going to get all the materials up to your roof? You might need some 12-foot or longer boards, plywood, etc.;  can you get that up the stairs and easily out your newly-made access point?

While we are at it, did you apply for a permit for your vinyl roof deck installation before you began? Building inspectors can easily issue fines and demand that you rip out all of your hard work if the new deck doesn’t meet requirements. In the long term, hiring a contractor will save you time and grief.

Reason Four: The Bottom Line for Vinyl Roof Decks

Like most major home improvement projects, hiring a professional will provide you with a better product. You’re new deck will last longer, look better, increase the value of your home, and protect the structure for the long term. Rather than trying to slap something together, talk to a Tufdek™ professional about where to get started, whether it’s taking a look at vinyl roof deck membranes or scheduling an onsite estimate.

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