Waterproof Decking Materials | Tufdek™

Samples of Tufdek waterproof decking patterns and colors

Waterproof Decking Materials | Tufdek™

Durable Waterproof Decking Material

Tufdek is an excellent choice for waterproof decking material. We are the industry’s leading manufacturer and supplier of roofing-approved outdoor waterproof vinyl deck flooring.

Tufdek is a PVC sheet vinyl product that comes on a roll and is used to waterproof outdoor living spaces including roof decks, sundecks, balconies, roof-top patios, walkways, outdoor stairs, and above-grade concrete slabs.

Our vinyl waterproof decking material is not decking paint or rubber coating in a pail, but a factory-manufactured waterproof vinyl decking PVC membrane, similar to other high-end PVC roofing products. Once Tufdek Waterproof Vinyl Decking is thermally welded and fully adhered to your deck surface, it will create a watertight, long-lasting, durable, and attractive walking surface. And, because it is roof-grade vinyl, it’s perfect for roof deck waterproofing!

Tufdek has the industry’s most unique and sought-after waterproof vinyl decking designs that are only available through Authorized Dealers. At Tufdek, we take great pride in offering not only the World’s Strongest Vinyl Decking, but also quite simply, the best looking and best performing waterproof deck system available on the market today.

Tufdek Waterproof Vinyl Decking products are long-lasting and durable, adding beauty and value to your home, sundeck, or deck waterproofing project. Deck protection products are all about longevity and nothing delivers a longer life expectancy than Tufdek vinyl decking. Compare Tufdek deck waterproofing materials against any other vinyl deck flooring options (including liquid coatings) and you will find Tufdek is your least expensive deck waterproofing option year over year. The long service life of Tufdek vinyl deck covering is due to:

  • The quality of our waterproof decking material with a 25-year proven PVC formula
  • The development of a completely integrated deck waterproofing installation system
  • The integrity of our Tufdek Dealers

Continually Tested to Meet High Quality Standards

At Tufdek we feel strongly about our product quality. So strongly in fact that we have Intertek (Warnock Hersey), which is an internationally renowned testing agency, conduct independent quarterly audits to ensure the manufacturing standards we have developed to create the WORLD’S STRONGEST Vinyl Deck Flooring are maintained. We are not just saying we have our Tufdek vinyl deck products tested, we are saying that we have our Tufdek vinyl tested and audited every 3 months to ensure our outdoor vinyl deck flooring products are always made to the same high standards we originally set. Others may make similar claims about product quality but having a third party auditor ensures that every square foot of Tufdek Waterproof Vinyl Deck Flooring we sell consistently meets our high-quality standards. See our vinyl deck flooring specifications page to review comparative product testing results.

Durability of Tufdek Waterproof Material

We understand that in real life, vinyl deck flooring, a vinyl rooftop deck, or a vinyl pool deck will not only get used, they may also take some abuse. These things happen in real life, which is the exact reason why our Tufdek waterproof decking material is made to be stronger than any other vinyl deck flooring in the industry. We did not choose the name Tufdek by accident. It is the internal structure of our weft reinforcement and the quality of our PVC formula that makes Tufdek vinyl decking so “Tuff” and no other waterproof decking material even comes close. We know you want an outdoor vinyl deck flooring product that can take the abuse of everyday life, as well as exposure to the elements. We also know that our Tufdek vinyl deck waterproofing products won’t let you down.

The Most Comprehensive Vinyl Decking Warranty

Written warranties for our vinyl deck waterproofing products are your best protection and Tufdek not only provides written product warranties, but also the most comprehensive waterproof vinyl deck warranty in the business which covers both labor and materials.

Contact Us Today

Whether you are building a new deck, resurfacing your old deck or doing a complete deck makeover, Tufdek vinyl is the best waterproofing membrane on the market.

To learn more about our Tufdek outdoor flooring products and waterproof decking materials, please send us an email at info@tuffindustriesinc.com, or contact Tufdek online.

You can also call Tufdek toll free at 1-877-860-9333.

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