Vinyl Deck Covering

Tufdek vinyl deck covering from floor level

Vinyl Deck Covering

Vinyl Deck Covering – Tufdek™

There are so many options when it comes to the deck covering materials you can use to waterproof your deck, so why choose Tufdek vinyl deck covering?

Tufdek explores why a vinyl deck surface makes for the best deck covering material compared to all other options on the market. Our waterproof vinyl decking is not only the world’s strongest vinyl membrane but is also available in 14 different colors and unique patterns including wood plank, granite, and marble.

Vinyl Deck Surfaces are Long-Lasting

There’s nothing worse than investing in a waterproofing product for your home, only to have it fail after a few years and require replacement. Your deck is something that you are going to be getting a lot of use out of, so you want the deck surface you choose to stand up to the test of time. Tufdek vinyl is ideal for vinyl deck covering over wood and is manufactured using a series of layers, with the top few layers specifically designed to resist wear, and weather damage, and provide years of enjoyment.

Tufdek Vinyl Decking

Drastically Reduce Maintenance

All deck materials require some level of maintenance, but you can choose a deck covering that requires much less maintenance than most. With wood decks, you’ll need to set aside time to sand and re-stain the surface every few years. Even then wood isn’t waterproof – some planks will need changing as they age and rot. Tufdek’s unique vinyl deck covering is designed to cut down on maintenance so you can spend more time enjoying your deck – all you need is some water and a soft-bristle brush to revitalize your deck.

vinyl deck covering

Increase Safety and Comfort

Many types of deck surfaces are a bit slick and can present problems when combined with water. These same surfaces also absorb the sun’s heat – making for a hot deck that can easily burn tender feet. For families and the safety-conscious, Tufdek and their patented Cool Step™ technology offers a lightly textured surface to prevent slips, while reflecting the sun’s energy to allow for a more comfortable deck surface.

cool step

Renovation – What Can I Cover My Old Deck With?

When you are ready for a deck makeover, replacing a deck surface with new wood or composite means ripping out a large portion of your deck, which can lead to an increase in cost. What can you cover your old deck with? We recommend covering your existing deck with a waterproof vinyl deck covering. It will help make this a quick and easy project, which can be completed in just a few days, within a very reasonable budget.

Waterproof Vinyl Decking Tufdek Aggregate

A Vinyl Deck Surface Look Great!

Imagine completely changing the look of your deck in just a few days. You’ll enjoy your deck more and even increase the value of your home. If your deck is in need of a change, consider upgrading to Tufdek waterproof vinyl decking. You’ll receive high-quality, waterproof protection for your deck surface and create a lovely space for your family to enjoy.


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Stop maintaining your deck and start enjoying it!

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