Vinyl Roof Deck and Resale Value

Deck fire pit on a deck newly covered with waterproof vinyl decking by Tufdek

Vinyl Roof Deck and Resale Value

You have a home, townhome, brownstone, etc., and are considering the addition of a waterproof vinyl roof deck. The first question you ask yourself is – “is it worth it?”

We hope this post by Tufdek will help you decide whether waterproofing a flat roof deck will enhance or detract from the saleability of your home.

Statistics on Vinyl Roof Decks and ROI

Unfortunately, there just isn’t enough data to conclusively point to whether adding a flat roof deck increases the resale value or by how much. Some digging through Internet archives did reveal this information:

“…one survey completed in Manchester, Connecticut claimed that the addition of green space and trees to a property increases its value by an increase of 6%. This survey matches the results found by that saw an increase of 6-15% in the value of homes with green roofs.” Source:

Take the lowest indicated return of 6% and multiply it by the current market value of your home. If it adds up to more than the cost of installing a waterproof vinyl roof deck (or if it’s close) you might want to consider moving forward. It’s not a guarantee that you’ll get more, but odds are that adding a flat roof deck will increase the usability of the property and will likewise increase its value. See our post on sustainable roof decking products, which can also improve the value of your deck upgrade.

How Far Up is the Roof Deck?

If you live in a multi-level townhouse or brownstone, then it may be several flights of stairs to reach the flat roof deck. Depending on who’s buying the home after you this might reduce the value of your roof deck – as older residents may not be up for the climb. However, if you live in an up-and-coming neighborhood of young couples and families, then a new waterproof vinyl roof deck might be just the ticket. Check out our post on how a rooftop deck can be a must-have amenity.

What’s the View?

Is there a nice view from your proposed vinyl roof deck site? Or are you surrounded by buildings? A nice view is a big plus as far as value is concerned. If you don’t have a nice view, you might have to work harder to create an enjoyable environment on your roof deck, with plants or a water feature.

Quality Vinyl Roof Deck Craftsmanship is Key

If there’s anything that’s going to affect your return on investment, it’s the roof deck waterproofing and how the roof deck is constructed and what materials are used. You don’t need to understand the principles behind roof deck construction, but selling a home with a shoddy roof deck will be a challenge.

A home with a deck that is relatively new and backed by a warranty will give new owners peace of mind. Of course, installing a waterproof vinyl roof deck membrane that stands up to the elements, looks great and requires minimal maintenance will help close the deal.

Check out our gallery for some terrific examples of Tufdek™ products used on flat roof decks, patios, and balconies – then start planning your vinyl roof deck project!

To learn more about waterproofing a flat roof deck or to speak with our waterproof decking experts, please call us toll-free at 1-877-860-9333.

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