Low Maintenance Decking

Tufdek vinyl decking sample colors and textures

Low Maintenance Decking

Low Maintenance Decking – Tufdek™

Tufdek waterproof vinyl decking is a low maintenance deck solution for your outdoor space. After installing Tufdek there is little to do but sit back, relax, and enjoy your new outdoor oasis. Tufdek vinyl decking requires no staining, no sanding, no painting, and is always splinter-free. Tufdek has 14 vibrant designs that are easy to clean with low maintenance and long term performance.

We recommend cleaning your Tufdek vinyl deck every few months depending on the location of your outdoor space, the type of use your deck gets, and the surrounding environment. Tufdek will get dirty over the lifetime of the vinyl from airborne pollutants, dirt, and foot traffic. We advise all of our customers to review the required low maintenance decking instructions contained in the Tufdek 15-year warranty. Here a are few tips to keep your Tufdek low maintenance decking looking great for years to come!

Low Maintenance Instructions for your Tufdek Waterproof Vinyl Deck Membrane

  1. Regularly broom clean the deck surface thus removing loose dirt and debris that might clog the drains or abrade the membrane surface during washing.
  2. Wet the deck surface and allow it to soak for five minutes so that any dried debris will soften.
  3. Loosen the dirt from the membrane surface with a stiff bristle brush scrubbing in a circular motion which will help lift any dirt at the bottom of the textured surface.
  4. Rinse the area of the membrane being worked with clean water to assess the effectiveness of the cleaning.
  5. If there is still dirt in the texture of the membrane, thoroughly re-wet the deck surface with hot water from your household tap (no hotter than 49° C / 120° F) and allow to soak for five minutes.
  6. While soaking, re-scrub the membrane surface with a stiff bristle brush.
  7. Rinse the area of the membrane being worked with clean water to assess the effectiveness of the cleaning.
  8. The above steps will remove most forms of dirt. If one washing does not remove the dirt, you may need to repeat steps 1-7 a few times.

Pressure Washing Tufdek

Pressure washing equipment can severely damage vinyl deck membranes if not used with caution. When using a pressure washer please keep the following items in mind:

  1. Do not use any pressure washer tip with less than a 30° arc. Tips with a concentration angle smaller than 30° can damage the vinyl decking membrane.
  2. Do not use a rotating tip apparatus.
  3. Do not exceed a max PSI of 1000. Use a wide tip nozzle with a maintained minimum of 12″ distance between the nozzle and the vinyl membrane. Damage caused by power washing is not covered under the terms of the Tufdek warranty.
  4. Use extreme caution around all trims, railings and caulkings.

Tougher Stains on your Tufdek

Tufdek can provide no advice on alternate cleaning solutions. Many household chemicals and cleaning products will leave a residue that can alter the performance and/or appearance of the vinyl membrane product. If you choose to clean Tuff vinyl membranes with any cleaning solution other than clean freshwater Tuff Industries Inc. will not be held responsible for damages caused by these cleaning solutions.

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