Enhancing Views from your Vinyl Deck

Finished wrap around deck protected with waterproof vinyl flooring

Enhancing Views from your Vinyl Deck

If you’re lucky enough to have a lovely view from your vinyl deck, then you might want to take advantage! There’s nothing better than sitting down with a beverage, enjoying a meal, or spending time with friends when you can also enjoy a scenic vista at the same time. But what if your current vinyl deck doesn’t take full advantage? Then it might be time to consider a change by installing glass deck railings. Here’s what to consider:

Many Styles for Vinyl Decks

Decks come in different shapes, sizes, and formats – fortunately so do glass deck railings! Whether you are looking for something minimalist to maximize the view or a style with a bit more personality, you can find exactly what you need. Today’s glass deck railings are sturdy, safe, and break resistant, so you don’t have to worry about accidentally causing one to shatter.

Get Decorative with Glass Railings

In addition to clear glass, you can find all kinds of decorative glass deck railings to complement your vinyl deck. Etched glass is available, but tinted glass seems to be a new popular choice to keep your deck’s view intact while reducing the temperature on vinyl deck surfaces when the sun is shining through.

Use Glass to Enhance Privacy

Let’s say you have a nice view, but want to maintain (or improve) privacy between you and your neighbors. Easy! You can install clear glass to enjoy your view out front, and put privacy glass on the sides. The glass will still let some light through but will give you more of a sense of being alone when you’re out on your deck.

Choose Custom Elements for Vinyl Decks

You can make you glass railings stand out by your choice of posts. Vinyl posts are hard-wearing and easy to clean, but other materials may suit your home better, such as custom aluminum or various metals. Take a look at Houzz for some terrific inspiration to discover the railing style that will best suit your home.

Take advantage of a beautiful view and enhance your vinyl deck with the help of glass railings. If your deck surface is in need of improvement, it’s easier to install a new vinyl membrane at the same time as you put in railings than to take care of the surface at a later date. Talk to a vinyl decking contractor to get your project started!


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