How To Protect Your Deck In The Winter

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How To Protect Your Deck In The Winter

How To Protect Your Deck In The Winter – Tufdek™

Tufdek is the World’s Strongest Vinyl Decking that is tested from -40° F up to +365° F. Whether you are in the summers of Arizona or the winters of Alaska Tufdek has you covered. Tufdek creates a dry, walkable, waterproof surface for your outdoor space. While protecting decks in the winter months is our specialty Tufdek waterproof vinyl decking has some tips on how to protect your deck in the winter.

Clean Your Deck

Before the snow starts to fly you should give your deck one last thorough cleaning before winter hits. Vegetative matter such as leaves left in contact with your vinyl membrane can be especially difficult to clean over time. It is recommended that you periodically move such items as flowerpots and patio furniture to prevent dirt buildup around these objects. Or better yet take everything off of your outdoor space for the winter. Wet the deck surface and allow it to soak for five minutes to soften any dried debris. Loosen the dirt from the membrane surface with a stiff bristle brush scrubbing in a circular motion which will help lift any dirt at the bottom of the textured surface. Finally, rinse the area of the membrane being worked with clean water and you will be good to go until spring.

Shovel Your Deck

Shoveling your deck in the winter makes it easier to access your deck throughout the season. It’s not necessary to shovel your Tufdek as it’s completely waterproof and the snow won’t hurt it but if your deck is maintained you will be able to spend time on your outdoor space right away when the seasons and temperatures change. There is nothing like being ahead of the game and not having an underlayer of ice to deal with underneath all that snow when the melting starts. How to protect your deck in the winter when shoveling is to make sure you use a plastic shovel with no sharp edges. Inspect the shovel for sharp edges or burrs before using and you can get your exercise and shovel away.

De-Icing Your Deck

After shoveling your deck you may have a layer of ice to deal with. Even with Tufdek’s textured surface ice on deck could create slippery spots. De-icing products should be used with extreme
caution on Tufdek vinyl deck membranes as the numerous options on the market have not been tested. Some products may cause premature fading or discoloring of the vinyl membrane. If you use a de-icer make sure to clean the vinyl deck membrane thoroughly in the spring to remove any leftover residue from the vinyl deck surface.

Plan For Spring

It is never to early to plan for a new deck or a new deck surface in the springtime. Doing the research and planning your budget beforehand takes a lot of time so there is no time like the present. Contractors, builders, and deck installers start to book up their schedules very quickly come spring. We recommend reaching out to an Authorized Tufdek Dealer sooner than later to discuss the details of your upcoming project. If you have questions at any time or require more information we are here to help. Contact our Tufdek team any time by visiting our website or give us a call at    1-877-890-9333 Monday through Friday 8 am – 4 pm PST. Stop maintaining your deck and start enjoying it with Tufdek!

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