5 Popular Vinyl Deck Designs to Consider

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5 Popular Vinyl Deck Designs to Consider

So you’re considering building a new vinyl deck for your home, but you’re not sure where to start. How about considering vinyl deck designs first? Once you’ve nailed down a design, it’s easier to take the next step by sourcing materials or choosing a contractor to help you build. Tuff Industries has pulled together the most popular vinyl deck designs and their features.

Design #1: Platform Deck

A platform deck is a bit of a cross between a patio and a deck. It’s low to the ground, usually with just a step or two up to deck level. It’s great for entry-level homes where you don’t want a patio on the ground. A platform vinyl deck is also perfect for young families as it lets kids easily access the yard without the potential danger of a bunch of steps.

Depending on the style/preference, a platform vinyl deck may or may not include railings. Not including railings can reduce the cost while leaving the view open to your yard. You can also incorporate a platform deck into the rest of the yard by adding gazebo or trellis. An added feature would be to include growing vines like grapes or wisteria.

A platform deck needs to use waterproof decking, such as a vinyl membrane. Since it is close the ground, it will tend to stay damp longer after rain so it needs to be protected.

Design #2: Raised Decks

This design would be considered a more traditional vinyl deck style. Perfect for homes where the living area is on the second level, it allows access to the outdoors without having to head downstairs. You can choose the type of vinyl deck railings that best suit your home and take advantage of your surroundings.

It is vital that raised decks are secure and safe, so you’ll be mostly concerned with a good foundation, strong posts and joists, as well as attaching the vinyl deck ledger board to the structure. A waterproof vinyl membrane can help to protect all these vital components to keep the deck and your family safe for the long term.

Downsides of a raised deck? You need to ensure that your home maintains its waterproof qualities so that no water can get into the building envelope. This type of vinyl deck style can be a bit more expensive, as you’re paying for the foundation and posts as well. But it’s well worth the investment.

Design #3: Multi-Level Vinyl Decks

When there’s room, consider creating a raised vinyl deck with a dry space underneath as a second entertainment area. This can be for a basement suite renter, or just as a place to enjoy when it’s raining or hot. Fortunately, installing a waterproof vinyl deck membrane on your raised deck is a simple way to create two spaces. Other than installing the deck above,  you’ll just need a patio foundation underneath.

Although it might be a slight extra cost, multi-level decks are a great way to add value. However, to make the space underneath more inviting you might need to invest in a few extras. Larger posts tend to be more attractive, so is hiding posts with other materials. Installing lighting underneath the deck also helps it feel more welcoming.

Design #4: Multi-Level Vinyl Deck

For sprawling homes or yards, a multi-level deck can be a great way to create intimate areas for entertaining, relaxing, or cooking. A multi-level deck might also be a great alternative for homes built on rolling grades. By following the “lay of the land” you don’t have to worry about excavating.

Additionally, a multi-level deck means you don’t have to commit to staying in a certain area. Depending on the weather or activity you can move to an area with more sun, more shade, or a better view. Since multi-level decks tend to be larger than a traditional deck, covering the surface with a vinyl membrane ensures that you don’t have hundreds of hours of sanding and staining each year. All you need to do is hose off the surface and enjoy!

Design #5: Freestanding Deck

If your home’s design or location doesn’t support a deck attached to the structure, consider a freestanding vinyl deck. You can take any of the above designs and put it wherever you like. It could be near your home or somewhere you can enjoy the view. The options are endless – you can choose square or round, one step or multi-step, add a water feature, etc.

The best vinyl deck designs take advantage of both the design of the home and how it’s placed on the landscape. If you’re at all unsure of how different vinyl deck designs would look, come over to the Tufdek™ Houzz Page and check out all the amazing vinyl decks. You can also view our gallery of vinyl deck designs for inspiration, then start planning the vinyl deck of your dreams.

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