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Weekend Projects | Tufdek™

Weekend Projects – Tufdek Vinyl Decking

Have a three-day weekend coming up, and looking for a project that will help improve your home? Take a look at your deck, patio, or pool surround – could it use some help? Tufdek has a few projects you can accomplish on your upcoming long weekend, assuming the weather cooperates.

Project #1: Install an Outdoor Kitchen

If you love spending time on a vinyl patio or deck, but find that when it comes to meal prep you’re constantly running inside, an outdoor kitchen might be in order. This flexible project depends on the amount of room available and your budget. It could be as simple as installing a countertop, or you can take it a step further with a sink, fridge, or a brand-new gas barbecue.

Project #2: Raise a Vinyl Patio

If you have a grade-level patio with broken or uneven concrete or blocks, you can create a gorgeous patio by simply covering it all up. On top of your new patio, you can have a Tufdek vinyl membrane installed, to add waterproof protection and add an easy finish.

Project #3: Install Some Borders and Raised Gardens

Nice deck but not much to look at? Spend some time adding contour to your yard. Now is a great time to find terrific deals on landscape supplies, such as paving stones, soil, and plants. Make your yard feel special, so next year you can really enjoy your hard work.

Project #4: Build Landscape Furniture On a Vinyl Deck

Does your vinyl deck or patio feel separate from your yard? Help it incorporate by adding landscape furniture. All this means is a bench that includes planters on both ends. They are simple to build and look great. You can add your choice of grass, herbs, flowers, even tomatoes next spring.

Project #5: Hang a Swing

While it’s not strictly vinyl deck related, adding a swing to your yard is a terrific way to entertain the kids while you and the adults enjoy some quiet time. Simple swing kids are available at home improvement stores, or you can hang an old tire for even more fun – just make sure the branch you choose is a strong one! Down the road, you might even get to see your grandkids enjoy it, so it’s well worth an hour or two of your time.

The weather isn’t perfect, but that doesn’t mean you should waste a long weekend indoors. Pick a project and next year you’ll have that much more to enjoy. If your vinyl deck or patio is in need of a significant upgrade, take a look at our gallery of great vinyl decking designs. Contact Us Today for more information on using Tufdek on your outdoor space.

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