Supreme Walnut Vinyl Flooring by Tufdek

Elegant yet durable, Supreme Walnut vinyl waterproof decking by Tufdek™ offers a warm look for your patio, deck, or pool surround. This lightly warm, neutral vinyl deck covering is an excellent complement to warmer and neutral shades of stucco and siding, as well as wood and brick – or it can be used to contrast against cooler home shades. Nearly any shade of foliage or accessory looks great on this waterproof vinyl deck flooring surface, from neutral browns to bright greens and reds, or vibrant oranges.

For pool surrounds, Supreme Walnut vinyl flooring for decks is an excellent choice as it lends an air of sophistication and a slight contrast against the cool blue of the water, to help your pool area attract attention. The lightly mottled pattern of Supreme Walnut vinyl adds interest, while simultaneously offering a low-maintenance alternative to concrete.

Even with pets and busy families, Tufdek™ vinyl decking stands up to the test of time thanks to the use of our proprietary Aqueous based inks with revolutionary Polycarbonate top finish on all Tufdek™ vinyl waterproof deck products. This process ensures the colors will remain strikingly vibrant and clear while being easy to maintain. The proprietary technology built in to each Tufdek™ vinyl decking product ensures that it can handle the most active of families – while maintaining a watertight seal against the elements.

Tuff Industries’ waterproof vinyl deck products also feature Cool Step deck flooring technology, which is highly reflective and designed to stay cool and transfer less heat to the underlying structure.

Consider Supreme Walnut vinyl decking for your next deck project and discover the benefits of this high-quality, affordable, waterproof vinyl decking.

For more information about our Tufdek Supreme Walnut waterproof vinyl flooring by Tuff Industries, or about any of our waterproof decking products, please call our Tufdek head office toll free at 1-877-860-9333 or send us an email.

Always choose colors from actual samples.

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Tufdek™ Supreme Walnut Vinyl Flooring is assembled by one of North America’s leading PVC roof membrane manufacturers and quality audited by Intertek, an independent third party testing facility.

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