Planning a Vinyl Roof Deck Staycation

Planning a Vinyl Roof Deck Staycation with Tufdek

Planning a Vinyl Roof Deck Staycation

We are all taking fewer big trips these days so why not enjoy your time off at home and plan a vinyl roof deck staycation? Many of our clients that waterproofed their roof decks with our Tufdek vinyl are making the absolute best of it.

Here are some helpful tips to help make your vinyl roof deck staycation the best it can be.

Get Chores Done

Before you start your staycation, get those pesky chores out of the way – so you can truly enjoy your time off. If you have to interrupt relaxation time with errands then it will take away from the pleasure of just…sitting. When you’re at the grocery store (prior to staycation time), pick up some extra food, so you don’t have to head out if you don’t want to.

Invest in Long-Term Happiness

One of the advantages of holding a vinyl roof deck staycation is staying home means you could have some extra discretionary funds. You can use these to buy some new vinyl deck furniture, a sound system, or a margarita machine. Think about what you need to get more enjoyment out of your deck and your life.


Sure, the gutters could use a cleaning. And the lawn probably needs a mow. Plus, there’s that friend that’s moving next week and could use your help! But…this is your vacation. Just because you’re at home doesn’t mean you have to do everything, help everyone. All you need to do is say, “I’m on vacation.” Try it. It can work every time.

Put the Watch Away

Quit measuring the minutes, it’s a vacation! So what if you spend three hours reading a book, an hour sun tanning, and another hour and a half on lunch. If you find it relaxing, do it. Don’t feel guilty, don’t make excuses, just enjoy time on your vinyl roof deck.

Go Tech-Free

Make your vinyl roof deck is a “phone-free zone” – so you can avoid the stress of other people’s problems while you enjoy your staycation. While you probably can’t (or won’t) go a whole day without checking your phone, by leaving your phone inside when you head outside you can make your deck a stress-free zone.

Take it one step further (if you can) by turning off the computer as well. Get back to nature and enjoy the beautiful spring, summer, and fall weather.

Do Something You Love

Whether it’s binge-watching Walking Dead, reading all the Harry Potter books, or giving yourself a mani/pedi, a vinyl roof deck staycation is a great time to do all the things you love, without having to worry about tourists, line-ups, or overpriced margaritas. So, figure out what you want to do most while on your vinyl roof deck, then do it.

Share & Share Alike

If you’re the kind who likes to have friends and family around, why not share your vinyl roof deck and spend some time with people you like? Have a small get together with your favorite people.

Try a New Dish

When you’re on vacation you try new things, right? So why not do the same on your staycation? Pick up a great cut of steak, a rack of lamb, or break out of the box with stuffed peppers and seafood paella. Mix it up with a new salad or a delectable dessert.

Spoil Yourself

If you were on vacation you’d indulge a little – so do the same on your staycation. This might mean ducking calls from your mother-in-law, ignoring your diet for a few days, or buying a whole shelf full of crime thrillers to keep you busy during your time off. It’s your vacation!

Invest in Future Dividends

If you save a ton on your vinyl roof deck staycation (versus going away), perhaps you can invest now in order to enjoy your vinyl deck even more later. Upgrading your vinyl membrane and adding new vinyl deck railings can revitalize a tired roof deck or patio so that the next time you staycation, you can enjoy spending time on your deck that much more.

What do you think the best advice is for a great staycation?

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