Spring Maintenance for Vinyl Deck Surfaces

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Spring Maintenance for Vinyl Deck Surfaces

It might not be here just yet, but spring is just around the corner and that means preparing your vinyl decking surface for a few lovely months of enjoyment. Over the winter, various dirt and debris has been collecting on the deck, along with possibly snow and de-icer, which all need to be cleared before the sun’s rays get too warm (as this can cause a chemical reaction that can permanently stain your deck). Luckily, cleaning a vinyl deck membrane is beyond easy, and Tuff Industries as pulled together a step-by-step list of what needs to be done so you can fully enjoy your vinyl deck this year.

Step 1 – Remove debris from vinyl deck surfaces

You wouldn’t wash your kitchen floor without giving it a good vacuum or sweep first, the same goes for your vinyl deck surface. Use a broom to sweep off any loose debris (leaves, sand, de-icer, etc.) that could potentially scratch up your vinyl membrane when you get to the deck washing portion of your spring maintenance.

Step 2 – Soak and scrub the vinyl deck

After you’ve brushed off your vinyl deck, there might still be areas where debris has dried on and stuck to the surface. It’s pretty easy to deal with, simply spray your deck with water, let the water stand on the deck for five minutes, then use a soft bristle brush. Scrub gently in a circular motion – this helps loosen up any debris that has found its way into the textured surface. Rinse when you are done.

If there are still a few places where debris such as leaves or dirt are still clinging on in the deeper textured areas, go over these areas again. You can resoak the area in question a bit longer in order to make it easier to lift off debris.

Step 3 – Get help with tougher stains

If, after a thorough cleaning and scrubbing, you notice stains on your vinyl membrane it might be time to talk to a Tufdek™ professional. They can advise which products work best to remove stains without causing damage to the waterproof vinyl decking. Never clean your deck with an untested product – it could void your warranty or reduce the lifespan of your vinyl deck surface.

Step 4 – Inspect your deck

Now that your vinyl deck is clean, you can have a look for areas that might need attention, or be on alert for signs that it’s time to replace the deck surface or railings. Look for peeling, cracking, check the caulking or where the deck meets your home, and look underneath to ensure that your deck is waterproof. Contact a vinyl deck professional if you see any possible issues, as little problems can quickly become a big headache if they aren’t dealt with in a timely manner.

Step 5 – Protect the vinyl deck surface

Before you sit down and enjoy your hard work, take a few minutes to protect your deck from scratches, scuffs, and stains. Start by placing an additional section of vinyl deck flooring under and in front of your barbecue so it won’t be damaged by grease spills or other heat-related incidents. Also, check the bottom of your patio furniture and tables – if the legs/feet are pointy or jagged they could scratch the vinyl membrane when moved. Protect your deck and it will last you longer!

There are many more tips available on Tufdek’s cleaning guidelines fact sheet, make sure you check it out before you clean your vinyl deck.

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