Vinyl Patio Deck Flooring

Covered deck next to a backyard pool, newly resurfaced with Tufdek outdoor waterproof vinyl decking

Vinyl Patio Deck Flooring

Vinyl Patio Deck Flooring

There are many options when it comes to setting up a patio and selecting a deck flooring option – so what should you choose? Tufdek explores why vinyl patio deck flooring is a great choice.

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Make Old Patios New

Installing new vinyl patio deck flooring is a quick and easy way to revitalize older patios and sundecks, without having to rip out the existing deck structure (if there is one). You can also use it to cover up older patios that might not fit in with a revitalized home (such as one with new siding) and hid unsightly concrete blocks, patio stones, or cracked surfaces.

In just a day, you can have a brand new vinyl patio floor covering to enjoy for years and years.

Protect Patios and Sundecks

In rainy climates, you want to ensure that any rain that hits your vinyl patio deck flooring can run off away from the house to prevent the possibility of flooding in the substructure or damage to wood components that make up joists and siding. Rather than tearing out a patio in order to re-level the ground, consider covering the patio with a vinyl membrane. A contractor can ensure that before the waterproof membrane is installed that any leveling issues are addressed.

Enjoy Comfort with Vinyl Decking

Typical patios are comprised of brick or concrete blocks, which may not offer a lot of comfort for kids or pets looking for an outdoor surface to play or rest on. PVC vinyl decking offers a comfortable patio surface, one that stays cool on hot days and stands up to the rigors of family life.

Easy Maintenance

You can spend more time enjoying your new vinyl patio deck flooring since you’ll spend less time on maintenance than with traditional patios. A quick clean a few times per year is all you need – no scrubbing or staining required, no worries about mildew or weeds poking through. Along with that, you’ll get a great warranty so you can relax knowing you’re covered.

Tie Together Sundecks and Pool Surrounds

As your backyard oasis grows over time, you can have a lack of cohesiveness that leads to a disjointed overall look. Recovering your patio and sundeck/pool surround with a vinyl membrane lets you combine two or more spaces to make them appear part of the same design. Using Tufdek™ vinyl surfaces can give your backyard space a whole new look.

If your vinyl deck covering could use a retrofit, check out the whole Tufdek range of vinyl patio deck flooring products to find one that complements your home.

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