Tuff-Clad – Metal Flashing

tuff clad metal flashing

Tuff-Clad – Metal Flashing

Metal Flashing

When creating the Tufdek vinyl decking system we wanted to use something beyond the standard and poorly designed plastic edge clip for our edge terminations. Our research showed most failures happened because of water entering the failed clip. These clips were never designed to last the extended 15-year lifespan of our high-quality Tufdek waterproof vinyl decking.

We looked at the waterproofing details used in the roofing industry and as a result, discovered that laminated PVC metal flashing’s were commonly used for many details including edge terminations. So we created Tuff-Clad to use for our own deck terminations and it immediately became an important part of our Tufdek Waterproofing System. Our own proprietary 21 mil PVC film is custom milled and then factory laminated to a 24 gauge G90 galvanized metal.

When you buy Tufdek vinyl decking for your next deck waterproofing project remember that Tuff-Clad PVC Metal Deck Flashing provides permanent, waterproof deck edge protection that will last as long as your Tufdek vinyl decking. These Tuff-Clad laminated metal deck flashing’s are exclusive to Tufdek and just one of many high performing details in our complete Tufdek system.

Tuff-Clad PVC laminated metal flashing offers the most efficient and permanent solution for terminating your membrane details. Fasten our metal flashing to the deck surface and the membrane gets welded to the PVC metal flashing which ensures a long-lasting and completely waterproof finish. There is now no need to adhere the membrane over the edge, mechanically fastening your terminations and risking separation and water penetration. Tuff-Clad metal flashing is the answer for your waterproofing termination needs. Contact us today for more information about using Tuff-Clad PVC laminated metal flashing on your next project.


Standard Drip Metal Flashing


Standard Wall Metal Flashing




  • Available in 4 standard colors
  • Laminated PVC for water tight terminations
  • Standard profiles or custom designs
  • Minimal expansion and contraction
  • Compatible with all Tuff membranes


  • Gauge .022 / 24 ga. standard
  • PVC Film thickness – 21 mils.
  • Zinc coating designation – Z275 (G90)
  • Colors: Sandalwood, Grey, White, and Black


  • Single units
  • Tubes of 26 pieces
  • Flat stock material available in 4′ x 8′ sheets

For more information regarding Tuff-Clad PVC laminated metal flashing, specifications, CAD drawings or MSDS contact us today!

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