Best Practices for Building Waterproof Decks

Planning a deck renovation or new deck build? Tuff Industries has your back with the best practices for building waterproof decks that last – keep reading and have a pen ready to take notes! Waterproof Deck Design Before your building project gets too far down the line you need to get involved. Why? Because the […]

Waterproofing Under Deck

Waterproofing Under Deck - Tufdek™ The best way to create dry usable space below your outdoor space is to install Tufdek Waterproof Vinyl Decking. Tufdek is a roofing grade PVC vinyl membrane that is fully adhered to plywood and concrete surfaces. Other waterproofing under deck ideas includes installing a barrier underneath the deck to stop water from draining through. There is no need to install anything underneath your deck all you need is a Tufdek waterproof surface. Complete Waterproof Deck System Tufdek is ...

Wood Plank Flooring by Tufdek™

Wood Plank Flooring by Tufdek Tufdek wood plank flooring designs are the perfect complement to any outdoor space. Tufdek waterproof vinyl decking completely waterproofs your deck, porch, balcony, rooftop deck, or pool surround. You get the look of real wood without the hassles of re-staining, re-coating, and it is always splinter-free! Great for pets and kids of all ages Tufdek can create dry usable space underneath your deck. Tufdek is a roofing grade PVC vinyl membrane that can also be used to waterproof over an...

Concrete Vinyl Flooring – Tufdek™

TUFDEK CONCRETE INSTALL CURING TIMES FOR CONCRETE Consult concrete curing tables to verify the time required for any new concrete to cure fully. The cure times will vary depending upon the thickness of the slab and the type of concrete, lightweight or regular. Installing concrete vinyl flooring over uncured concrete may result in bubbling or delamination due to trapped moisture. A reasonable period of time to wait for concrete to cure (hydrate) completely is: Slab above grade is 28 days Lightweight concre...

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