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Deck For Dogs | Tufdek™

Deck For Dogs – Tufdek Vinyl Decking

When making changes to a home, we often think about ourselves and our family, but how often do we consider our pets? Tufdek does and recommends our vinyl decking to keep your pets happy, as well as protecting your deck from scrabbling claws. Tufdek is a great solution when researching the perfect deck for dogs.

Decking Affects Pets, Too

There are a few factors to considers when it comes to your choice of decking when you have pets – heat and potential harm. Heat is a major factor when it comes to choosing a decking surface, as it can absorb sunlight and ambient temperature, which in turn could burn your pet’s delicate footpads.

Second, the deck surface can be of concern as well. Wood decks can splinter, while decks that use nails or screws might catch a claw or pad. Additionally, decks that require annual staining use products that could be harmful to pets, should they ingest it or get it on their skin or fur.

Vinyl Decking = Safer

Installing a vinyl deck surface on your deck instantly creates a safer surface for pets. There is no need to worry about nails, screws, or splinters as it is all under the deck surface. Depending on the type of vinyl deck surface (and color) much of the heat on the deck surface can also be reflected. Tufdek cool-step colors can help to alleviate heat absorption in order to keep the surface cool.

Protect Your Investment

Scratch-resistant deck surfaces can still scratch, particularly when met with hard claws on heavier pets. A durable surface made from vinyl decking can reduce the risk of damage to protect your deck for the long term.

Additionally, as a deck scratches through the protective layer, any spills, stains, or “accidents” could cause damage to the decking itself. By thoroughly protecting your deck with a vinyl membrane, you keep the deck structure safe and pristine.

Reduce Maintenance with a Vinyl Deck Surface

Pet hair, dirt, mud, and inevitable “accidents” all make for additional maintenance on pet owners. When it comes to your deck, you can eliminate many hours of cleaning with a Tufdek vinyl deck surface. Most of the time, a simple spray with a hose can clear your deck, although a gentle scrub might be required if it’s extra muddy.

Provide a Place for Pets

With a cooler vinyl deck surface, your pet can happily enjoy spending time with you outdoors. Provide a comfortable place that has shade, a bed, and some water so they don’t suffer from the heat on warmer days.

Ensure Safety on Vinyl Deck Surfaces

When pets are involved, you need to consider what is on your deck, as well as how it is accessed. Stairs should be closed in, so a leg can’t inadvertently get caught in the back. A gate at the top and bottom of the stairs might also be recommended. Vinyl deck railings should be secure (in case larger dogs jump up on the railing), while the space between spindles shouldn’t allow a pet’s head to be caught.

Finally, any plants on or around the deck should be safe all for pets – both your own and any that are passing through. Some plants that may seem safe can cause sickness, even death if ingested – check with your vet or local SPCA to ensure your pets are protected.

Convert to a Tufdek Vinyl Deck Surface

Changing your deck to include a Tufdek vinyl membrane is straightforward, particularly if you engage the assistance of an Authorized Tufdek Dealer. In just a weekend you can convert your deck to a pet-safe and comfortable place while ensuring that you have a safe, pleasing space for the entire family to enjoy, fur kids included. Contact us today for more information!

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