Advantages of PVC Vinyl Surfaces


Advantages of PVC Vinyl Surfaces


Why Choose PVC Vinyl Surfaces?

We at Tuff Industries know that you have a lot of options when it comes to deck materials, but PVC vinyl surfaces offer the best combination of waterproof deck protection, ease of maintenance, and long-term style to complement your home. Tufdek™ PVC vinyl surfaces make for an excellent waterproof covering for your deck – here’s why:

PVC Vinyl Surfaces Offer Low Maintenance

How much time do you want to spend maintaining your deck? If the answer isn’t “very little,” or “none,” then PVC vinyl decking is your answer to cutting out maintenance. All you need is a hose and a light scrub a few times a year. No power washing, no chemicals, no sanding or staining. Easy.

PVC Vinyl Stands Up

Other deck types can fade or peel over time, necessitating the need for constant upkeep. The multiple layers of a PVC waterproof vinyl deck are designed to resist UV damage so it stays looking just as great years down the road as the day it’s installed. Imagine, no more deck maintenance and your deck will still look great years down the road!

Vinyl Surfaces are Family Safe

PVC vinyl decks offer a safe surface for families and pets. No splinters, no loose boards, no worries. Adding to that the ability to spend more time enjoying and less time maintaining, and you’re set!

Tufdek Cool-Step™

Hot days often result in hot decks, which makes enjoying your deck more difficult. For those of you who enjoy the full sun exposure days, we recommend the Cool-Step designs. Tufdek™ products with the cool-step logo help make your outdoor experience more enjoyable, even on the hottest days, by reflecting more heat than darker patterns.

Waterproof Decking Protection

Your deck is the part of your home that gets a significant amount of punishment from the weather. Rain, snow, wind, and hail can all cause damage to a deck over the long term, as well as wearing down the underlying surface or getting into the building envelope. Applying a PVC vinyl surface to your deck offers superior waterproofing, to keep your deck and the periphery protected from the elements.

Great Warranty

With a Tufdek™ PVC vinyl surface you get a 15-year warranty that really means something – that you’re protected should there be a waterproofing problem. This is why so many homeowners turn to Tufdek™ to protect their decks, patios, roof decks, sundecks and pool surround.

Talk to a certified Tufdek™ vinyl decking installer to find out just how PVC vinyl could change the face of your deck, for the better.

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