Wood Plank Flooring by Tufdek™

Tufdek Designer Wood Plank Decking Samples

Wood Plank Flooring by Tufdek™

Wood Plank Flooring by Tufdek

Tufdek wood plank flooring designs are the perfect complement to any outdoor space. Tufdek waterproof vinyl decking completely waterproofs your deck, porch, balcony, rooftop deck, or pool surround. You get the look of real wood without the hassles of re-staining, re-coating, and it is always splinter-free! Great for pets and kids of all ages Tufdek can create dry usable space underneath your deck. Tufdek is a roofing grade PVC vinyl membrane that can also be used to waterproof over and above any living space.

Tufdek uses water-based inks and a double polycarbonate top coating that enables our wood plank flooring designs to resist fading and maintain their brilliant colors. Manufactured with a 14 x 18 non-wicking weft reinforcement in the middle of our wood plank flooring makes Tufdek strong. Providing your outdoor space with a waterproof walkable surface that will stand the test of time.

Tufdek has 4 wood plank flooring designs to choose from for your next outdoor project. Information on each color can be found below or you can visit our product page anytime for more information.


Tufdek Beachwood

Tufdek Designer Series Beachwood is a brand new colorway for the 2020 season. It has a gentle hue of brown, almost earthen and muted therefore making it a warm color choice for any outdoor space. Designer Beachwood is now in stock and available for purchase. Beachwood wood plank flooring uses Tuff Industries’ proprietary technology of Aqueous-based inks and a durable polycarbonate finish which resists fading and helps maintain its striking color! Contact us today and use Tufdek on your next project! 

Tufdek Birch Plank

Create a warm and comfortable outdoor space that you can entertain and relax in with Birch Plank wood plank flooring. Our Birch Plank decking offers a realistic wood look that won’t peel, fade, or crack, therefore requiring minimal annual maintenance. Birch Plank vinyl decking provides the look of a wood-grained surface in addition to helping to hide worn decks and protecting them for the long term. Install Birch Plank on just about any outdoor flat surface with minor preparation. Helping to hide worn decks and protecting them for the long term.

Tufdek Driftwood

Bring a touch of the beach home with you with Designer Driftwood wood plank flooring. Featuring a rich grain and the soft tones of sun-bleached wood, Designer Driftwood complements any outdoor surface. This outdoor flooring pattern is perfect for large spaces, therefore, offering a durable deck surface for your entertainment areas. Designer Driftwood vinyl flooring is sure to attract attention and can also meet the demands of any climate. Tufdek offers a unique waterproof vinyl decking product that offers the look of driftwood but without the costly upkeep.

Tufdek Rustic Plank

Combining the rich look and beauty of rustic plank with the hardiness of vinyl waterproof decking, Tufdek offers the best of both worlds. Perfect for large areas, Designer Rustic Plank vinyl flooring is eye-catching, durable and engineered to resist peeling or fading. Tufdek waterproof vinyl decking ensures your deck will stay looking great for years with a worry-free, waterproof deck surface.

Stop maintaining your deck and start enjoying it with Tufdek! Contact us today for more information about using Tufdek designs on your next project!

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