Ultimate Labor Day Vinyl Deck Party Guide

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Ultimate Labor Day Vinyl Deck Party Guide

Labor Day weekend is a terrific time to throw a party on your vinyl deck or patio. For one, it’s the end of summer and deserves a great send off. Also, by now most of your friends and family will have taken their vacations and will be returning home, so you know they can attend. So what are some good ways to celebrate Labor Day on your Vinyl Deck? Tuff Industries has pulled together some great suggestions:

Tip #1: Send Notice

There are less than three weeks to Labor Day, so now is a perfect time to let your guests know about your party – so they can plan to be there! Let your friends and family know the date, time, and location, as well as if there are any caveats, such as no kids, yes kids, or BYOB. If you’re planning a theme let guests know what it is, in case they want to contribute a costume, dish, or decoration.

Tip #2: Find a Theme

This tip should probably be #1, but not everyone is into themes. The fun thing about themes, though, is they help to focus your planning efforts, especially when it comes to decorations and food. If the theme can tie into a costume, then that is all for the better!

Here are a few suggestions:

  • All White: Remember the “no white after Labor Day” rule? Let your friends have fun by dressing all in white. Take it up a notch by having them wear “disposable” clothes and have a paint/chalk/colored water balloon fight!
  • Red/White/Blue (or whatever): Have a patriotic theme where everyone wears their country’s colors.
  • Get to work: Have everyone come as their favorite worker, and plan dishes around work-related themes. Don’t forget the water cooler!
  • Build it Bar: Get your guests to “work” for their meal – plan a burger, salad, sandwich bar so they can make their own
  • Sail Away: Labor Day is often associated with regattas and sailboat races, embrace the sea and plan a nautical-themed party. Everyone can wear his/her best boating attire, and you can plan for some great seafood dishes.

Tip #4: Plan the Menu

Luckily in most areas, you’ll have ready access to a barbecue (or two) and can plan some easy meals around the grill. Throw in a few side salads, some appetizers, and a dessert or two and voila! Of course, you are welcome to make things a bit more sophisticated if you’d like, just make sure to plan ahead and look for dishes that you can prepare the morning/night before to save some time.

Tip: Don’t feel awkward about asking guests to bring a side dish, no one minds! The same goes for chips, salsa, pop, etc.

Tip #4: Decorate!

Decorations might seem like a waste of time/money, but they can help turn your vinyl deck and outdoor area from an ordinary weekend to a real party. A few strings of lights, candles, and some centerpieces can make all the difference, and don’t take that long to set up. If you truly hate decorating, put some feelers out to guests – the odds are that there’s someone out there who would love the job!

Tip #5: Plan Activities

This step is optional, but it can help to not only make for a fun gathering, but it also keeps your vinyl deck space from being overloaded with guests. Whether it is bocce ball, table tennis, badminton, poker, or musical chairs, guests will have fun interacting. Some added entertainment include a dance area (string some lights over a patch of lawn), campfire for roasting s’mores, arts and crafts for kids, or a few tables of random board games.

Tip #6: Play it Safe

Before anyone sets foot on your vinyl deck, take a few precautions. Check the deck surface for tripping hazards, examine vinyl deck railings and stairways to ensure they are secure, and check underneath your vinyl deck to ensure there aren’t any signs of problems (such as wetness, wood rot, or loose screws/nails/bolts). If you have any concerns, you should have your vinyl deck checked out before the party date.

Have a happy, safe, and fun long weekend from the vinyl deck experts at Tufdek™!

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