Extending the Life of your Vinyl Deck Outdoor Furniture

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Extending the Life of your Vinyl Deck Outdoor Furniture

If you have a beautiful vinyl deck, then you have likely created an enjoyable outdoor space by adding some pieces of nice outdoor patio furniture. However, without proper cleaning and maintenance of your vinyl deck outdoor furniture, you might not be able to enjoy it for long before it starts to show signs of wear and tear. Tufdek has pulled together a few tips you can use to extend the life of your outdoor patio furniture so you can get more, enjoy more, and spend less. Here they are:

Tip One: Cover Vinyl Deck Outdoor Furniture

At the same time that you conduct fall vinyl deck maintenance, it’s a good idea to find a place to store your outdoor furniture. Ideally, this place is off your vinyl deck, patio, or sundeck. This ensures that it is not exposed to the elements over the harsh (and far too long) winter season. If you can’t store your outdoor patio furniture in a shed or garage, consider purchasing covers or even use a few affordable tarps and some rope or bungee cords as covers. Besides furniture, the same principle applies to accessories, fire pits, and fountains, which can rust or stop functioning if they are left exposed over the winter.

Tip Two: Clean Outdoor Furniture Regularly

Prior to storing your furniture, it’s a wise idea to clean off any dirt or debris so when you take out your furniture in the spring you can enjoy it immediately, as well as preventing damage from mildew or rust that may occur if left over the winter.

Before cleaning, you might want to check for manufacturer recommendations, but for the most part, some soapy water and a scrub brush will do the trick. For quick rinsing or for exceptionally dirty furniture you might want to use the low setting on a pressure washer or a good hose.

Tip Three: Clean Vinyl Patio Cushions

Most outdoor vinyl cushions should be mildew-resistant, but that doesn’t mean they don’t occasionally require cleaning. Before storing for the winter, it’s a good idea to clean any spots with soap and water, then put them away once they are dry. If you do run into mildew issues, try a solution of the following:

–          1 cup bleach

–          2 cups detergent

–          1 gallon water

Before using, test the solution on an inconspicuous spot. If no colour change occurs, you can spray the mixture on any spots, let it soak in for 30 minutes, then us a sponge and warm water to rinse. Do not clean furniture or cushions directly on your deck – the cleaning solution could cause damage to the vinyl deck surface.

Tip Four: Maintain your Outdoor Furniture

For wood patio furniture, you may be required to regularly oil or varnish to keep the wood protected from the elements and looking good. Wicker furniture often needs waxing to maintain its water-resistant properties. If you own metal patio furniture, you can often touch up small rust spots with outdoor paint.

By taking care of your outdoor furniture, you can enjoy your vinyl deck more thoroughly and cut back on expenses – perhaps you can use the extra cash to finance a vinyl deck renovation project or install a brand new, beautiful vinyl membrane. Wouldn’t that be great!



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