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Patio Improvements | Tufdek™

Fall Patio Improvements – Tufdek Vinyl Decking

While you might feel tempted once the temperature starts to drop to pack up and head inside, the cooler Autumn months are actually a perfect time to make a few improvements to your vinyl patio. Consider taking on one of our Tufdek-approved patio improvements projects to make your patio more welcoming this fall and next year.

Improvement #1: Refinished Vinyl Patio Furniture

Most metal outdoor furniture is pretty sturdy, but after a few years, the exterior coating can start to chip away and rust. While fall is a perfect time to get great deals on new patio furniture, you can save money and get a few more years out of your existing furniture by repainting it with good outdoor paint. You can even choose different colours for each chair to add a splash of whimsy to your deck.

Improvement #2: Install a Roof

How much do you use your patio in the fall/winter months? If you would like to get more use, even just for storage or weekend barbecuing, then a permanent roof over your vinyl deck might be the solution. If you build now, you can get more enjoyment out of your space before the snow falls. As a bonus, you no longer will need to shovel snow off your deck/patio!

Note: Ensure that any new structures that sit on your deck/patio aren’t damaging the deck surface.

Improvement #3: Recessed Lighting

Now that it’s getting dark earlier, you might not spend as much time out on your patio after dinner. Why not install some lighting? Not only does it make your deck more enjoyable, but it also adds to the ambiance and can even increase value when it comes time to sell your home. Consider adding some lanterns, tiki torches, or LED garden lights as well to increase the look.

Improvement #4: Privacy Buffer

Introducing new plants to your yard in the Spring makes sense, but you also need to use a significant amount of water over the summer to help them take hold. In the fall you can install hedges and other types of privacy plants so you’ll be set to enjoy them next year. The same goes for other types of plants, including flowering bulbs that can help to add some personality to your yard.

Improvement #5: New Tufdek Vinyl Membrane

One of the most significant improvements you can make to your patio is to install a new Tufdek vinyl membrane. If you have an old, cracked, peeling, or otherwise unattractive vinyl patio surface, a new vinyl membrane can refresh the surface and ensure that you have a long-term, waterproof patio.

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