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Adding a vinyl deck to a home is one way to not only increase the value of your dwelling, but also increases your enjoyment of your exterior space. Imagine, having a spot (or a larger spot) to entertain guests, grill something delicious on the barbecue, or just enjoy a quiet evening or afternoon. Before you

Remember back when the height of luxury on vinyl patios and decks was a couple of lawn chairs, and maybe an umbrella. No longer. As people spend more and more time enjoying their homes, vinyl decks and patios are stepping up their game to become another “room” in the house to enjoy. So how do

It’s hot! Regardless of where you live, you’ve likely noticed that there’s a fine line between enjoying the sun on your vinyl roof deck to finding it a bit overwhelming. Part of maximizing the enjoyment of your vinyl roof deck or patio is ensuring that you can also access shade when needed. Tuff Industries has

As school lets out and we all start enjoying warm summer evenings, it’s more important than ever to make sure that your vinyl deck is ready. For small gatherings or large celebrations, take Tuff Industries’ advice for getting ready. Tip One: Vinyl Deck Safety Comes First Before you even consider hosting a party on your

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As May has arrived once more, the North American Deck & Railing Association is reminding us once again the importance of checking your vinyl deck regularly to ensure its’ safety. With that in mind, Tuff Industries has compiled a list of areas to check this spring: Step One: Sound Wood for a Sound Vinyl Deck

With all the importance put into creating a great vinyl deck, it’s common for people to overlook how vital it is to have good access to the deck with exterior stairs. Stairs that are poorly constructed, restrict access, or are poorly placed make enjoying your deck more difficult, which is why it’s key to find

As the snow melts, you might take a look at your vinyl patio or deck and sigh, thinking that it needs some work, that it’s looking a bit shabby. So what’s the best way to revitalize vinyl patios and decks? Tuff Industries has some ideas. Idea #1: New Vinyl Membrane One of the quickest way

It might not be here just yet, but spring is just around the corner and that means preparing your vinyl decking surface for a few lovely months of enjoyment. Over the winter, various dirt and debris has been collecting on the deck, along with possibly snow and de-icer, which all need to be cleared before

There are so many options when it comes to the materials you use to cover your deck, why choose a vinyl deck surface? Tuff Industries explores why a vinyl deck surface makes for the best deck material. One: Vinyl Deck Surfaces are Long-Lasting There’s nothing worse than investing in a product for your home, only