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Construction Rules For Neighbours | Tufdek™

There’s nothing worse than inconsiderate neighbours, really. You know the ones – they start their lawnmower up at 7am, have loud parties every Saturday night, and are constantly hammering at something in their backyard. If that annoys you, then odds are that you don’t want to be “that neighbour” and are trying to find a way to be considerate while building a vinyl deck. Tufdek has a few construction rules for neighbours to keep everyone happy:

Vinyl Deck Building Tip One: Notice

Unplanned (or just not notified) construction can be a pain for neighbours, especially in the warm summer months when they want to enjoy some peace and quiet outside. Let your neighbours know ahead of time what the construction will be, when, and for how long. Also, provide an email address where they can reach you should they have any concerns or complaints which is one of the great construction rules for neighbours.

Vinyl Deck Building Tip Two: Parking

When you hire contractors to build a vinyl deck, you’ll be dealing with at least one, if not several extra vehicles on your street or in your complex. Make sure that the contractors aren’t hampering your neighbour’s access to driveways or laneways. If one of your neighbours has an extra spot ask if you can borrow it for the time being.

Vinyl Deck Building Tip Three: Permits and Insurance

Knowing that a professional is on the job (rather than your Uncle Mike) can help alleviate some of the tension associated with vinyl deck construction, particularly with your immediate neighbours. Have a stack of business cards for your contractor handy, so they can direct any concerns or questions to the right party. It can also help, if needed, to mention that the workers are fully bonded and insured (for safety’s sake).

If a building permit is required, post it in a conspicuous area so it can be viewed easily, so your neighbours know that your deck-building activities are safe and above-board. The last thing you want is for someone to call the city and complain that your deck is breaking bylaws.

Vinyl Deck Building Tip Three: Minimize Noise

Excessive noise or noise during odd hours is one of the biggest complaints made by neighbours during construction – so try to do your best to keep noise to a minimum. Start by understanding your city’s noise bylaws (as in, when excessive noise is permitted). On weekends, if construction is required, you might want to add an hour in the morning so your neighbours can have some peace.

A neighbour or two might have a specific request about noise – do your best to accommodate them, if you can.

Vinyl Deck Building Tip Four: Efficient Removal of Waste

Whether you are simply installing a new vinyl deck surface, or completely replacing a vinyl deck, a fair amount of debris will be created. Talk to your contractor about ensuring that the waste is removed quickly and effectively so it doesn’t impact your neighbours or create an eyesore on your front lawn. This may require a special permit to park a dumpster bin on your street, or you might have to put up with one in your driveway for a few days.

Vinyl Deck Building Tip Five: Host a Party!

Once your vinyl deck is completed, it can be a nice gesture to invite your neighbours over to see the final product and thank them for their patience. They can also admire your new vinyl deck!

Finally, a great resource and partner to help your vinyl deck renovation project run smoothly is to have an Authorized Tufdek Dealer in your corner. They can help you from start to finish, and having a professional will ensure that your neighbours have minimal disruption during construction.

Construction Rules For Neighbours By Tufdek Vinyl Decking

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