Dressing Up Vinyl Patios with Pantone’s “Greenery”

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Dressing Up Vinyl Patios with Pantone’s “Greenery”

It’s the color of the year, “Greenery” and we couldn’t be more excited! It’s lush, bright, cheerful, and the perfect color to add some zip to vinyl patios and decks. So if you’re looking to add some “greenery” to your outdoor space, look no further! Here are Tuff Industries’ top ideas for bringing green outside.

Where to Find “Greenery” for Vinyl Patios and Decks

A true “greenery” shade (think a brighter green with a bit of yellow to soften it) might not be possible. After all, the producers of outdoor products decide their colors sometimes years in advance – they had no idea that greenery was going to be so popular! Fortunately, soft and bright greens are both popular shades for accessories for vinyl patios and decks. Even if you can’t find the exact color, you’ll probably be able to get close.

Greenery Shades and Umbrellas

Stores like Home Depot, Bed Bath and Beyond, and Walmart have a good selection of umbrellas and shades in green colors. If your vinyl patio could use a kick of color (as well as some shade) then a touch of green might be the answer.

Pop of Green Vinyl Patio Cushions

You can easily find greenery-type patio cushions at Lowes, Target, and Ikea. Feel free to choose solids, but perhaps you might like to branch out with a nice pattern, such as a tropical theme or herringbone. If you do choose solids, think about mixing them up with other colors (pink, yellow, even grey) and patterns so you’re not looking at a solid wall of green.

Pots and Planters

If you’re already invested in umbrellas and cushions, then pair some new plants with bright green pots. Some cheery yellow and purple flowers are a perfect match for your green pots. Just adding a few will do wonders to your vinyl patio or deck. Check out your local home and garden stores, or consider repainting a few old pots.

Repurposed Furniture

A new, bright color is just the ticket when it comes to refreshing old furniture. Old metal tables, plant stands, and chairs can be quickly scuffed and sanded, then painted with a cheery tone of outdoor furniture paint. Consider picking up a few pieces and painting them in different tones: yellow, red, blue, and green of course.

Green Cookery and Accessories

Small splashes of green are perfect if you’re happy with the rest of your vinyl patio furniture. Plates, cups, bowls and barbecue accessories can all be found in “greenery” tones. You can find great deals just about anywhere – from your local dollar store to online at places like Amazon.

Of course, all the “greenery” in the world won’t help vinyl patios or decks that are in shabby shape – see how new vinyl decking could transform your space.

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