Building a New Deck


Building a New Deck

Unless you are in a brand new home, the chances are that at some point your home is going to be in need of a new deck. So where should you start? Tufdek has some tried and true advice to help you get from old deck to building a new deck, in just a few steps.

Step One: Evaluate

The first step before taking the road towards building a new deck is to evaluate your existing deck. Really old decks (or those that were improperly maintained) may need to be completely replaced while decks in better condition may just need updated railings and a new vinyl membrane. You’ll want to look at all aspects of your deck: the footing, posts, joists, deck boards, railings, and stairs.

Step Two: Make Repairs

If your deck is still in reasonably good condition, you might just need to make a few repairs. The primary concern is making sure that a) your deck is still securely attached to the main structure and that b) the deck still has structural integrity. Once these issues are addressed, the rest is easy. All that’s left to do is to make sure that your deck is secure and safe.

Tip: Now is a great time to ensure that your deck is in line with the more stringent building codes, to keep everyone on your deck safe.

Step Three: Address Railings

If you’re already building a new deck surface, why not consider new vinyl deck railings as well? New railings and panels can quickly and easily update the look of your home, add value, and increase safety – as well as giving you a chance to take advantage of any views your deck may offer.

New deck railings will also cut down on the amount of maintenance required each year – so you can spend more time enjoying your new deck and less time keeping it clean.

Step Four: Consider Stairways

If your current entry/exit to your deck has always felt like it’s in the wrong place, now is a great time to address the problem. Changing the location or design of a stairway can help to make your deck easier to access.

Step Five: Check out Tufdek Vinyl Decking

Once you’ve ensured your underlying deck is safe and made any applicable changes, it’s time to build a new deck surface. Tufdek Waterproof Vinyl Decking offers superior durability and will protect your deck with a waterproof surface that stays looking great for decades to come.

Ideally, your new deck project will utilize the knowledge and expertise of a certified Tufdek™ installer, who can evaluate your current deck, make recommendations, and install brand new vinyl decking to revitalize your deck surface.

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