25+ Father’s Day Gift Ideas for Vinyl Patio-Loving Dads

Grill timer, and smart phone next to meat on a BBQ

25+ Father’s Day Gift Ideas for Vinyl Patio-Loving Dads

Whether his first Father’s day or his fiftieth, this year you want to show dad just how much you appreciate his hard work with something he’ll really love. Tuff Industries has compiled the ultimate list of Father’s Day gifts for the dad who just loves to spend time on his vinyl patio.

A Place to Relax

When dad’s not busy fixing things (or grilling on the barbeque), he wants a great place to sit. Consider a portable chair with speakers (which can be taken camping too) or for the more stylish dad this Lollygagger Chair in a variety of colors. For dads who really like to get comfortable you might want to check out a ROO – The World’s Best Camping Hammock, which can be strung up on your deck or in the yard and just as easily packed away for a fishing or hunting trip.

Grilling Tools for Vinyl Patio Meals

Dads love gadgets, so why not combine them with his love of spending time out on his deck? You can pick up a Bluetooth-enabled smart meat thermometer for perfect steaks and roasts and a 14-Piece Deluxe Stainless Steel Grilling set so he always has the right tools on hand.

To get more out of barbequed meat and veggies, consider this cook Himalayan salt bbq plank, Salts of the World set, or Wine Infused Cedar Grilling Planks.

Of course, all that barbequing is going to make a bit of a mess – make dad’s life easier with a steam cleaning grill brush.

The Ultimate Apron

How much does dad love to grill? Perhaps it’s time to get him a chef’s apron – not only so everyone knows that he’s the bbq boss, but so he can stow some key items like a lighter, some liquid smoke, maybe a beer or two? PerpetualKid has an amazing Grill Sergeant Apron, or you can select a more sedate model at Hedley and Bennet.

father's day gift ideas vinyl deckTunage

Whether he love his classic rock, indie pop, or something way out there, dad’s love enjoying some tunes while out on the deck. There are tons of great wireless radios and speakers out there, including the Revo SuperConnect, which can connect to 16,000 radio stations and stream right from a smartphone or tablet. For something a bit less fashionable, consider the Braven – waterproof speaker that can go just about anywhere.

Of course, you might not be a big fan of dad’s choice of music, in which case a pair of Bluetooth Headphones might be just the ticket.

Entertainment on Vinyl Patios

Who doesn’t love a good movie? On warm summer nights for cinematic dads having a projector handy can make for an excellent evening with friends and family. What to watch, you say? How about a complete set of all 23 James Bond Movies? Break out the martinis and let dad get his international spy on.

A New Grill?

If dad’s current model is looking a bit…shabby, maybe it’s time for an upgrade? Local stores like Home Depot have an amazing selection. If dad’s vinyl patio lacks the space for a full size model, consider this little tailgating barbeque which can easily be taken on the road or camping. However, if dad just wants to be able to do more with his current grill, how about helping him use as a smoker too – just add a smoker box, or help him with the Thanksgiving turkey by picking up a Rotisserie to add to the grill.

father's day gift ideas vinyl deckMeat?

How much does your dad or spouse love to grill? Enough to buy a whole cow? If so, get him The Meat Hook Meat Book, so he can learn to butcher his own meat to get the ultimate cuts (and save money, too). You might want to throw in a new freezer as well.

If he’s not that hands on, consider making him a gift that lasts the whole year long. The Carnivore Club offers a box of 4-6 artisan cured meats each month, while The Sirloin of the Month Club delivers hand-cut steaks each and every month so dad can keep grilling all year long (or you can choose shorter durations, if you like).

But what pairs perfectly with meat delivered to his door each month? Beer doing the same thing!


After all that hard work barbequing, dad is going to want a nice beverage to sit and relax with, why not help him out? A Stone Drink Dispenser is just the ticket to add a touch of class, or some Himalayan Salt Tequila Glasses if that’s his poison. If Dad’s tired of going inside for a fresh brew, how about a small electric cooler for the deck?

Of course, it can be difficult to truly enjoy time spend out on the deck if it’s in need of repair, so perhaps the best thing you can do for dad this Father’s Day is to help him get started on replacing his vinyl patio surface, so he can truly enjoy himself. Happy Father’s Day!

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