7 Spring Ideas for Vinyl Patios and Decks


7 Spring Ideas for Vinyl Patios and Decks

Spring is (finally) here, so now is the time to get outdoors and to start enjoying the sun as it starts to warm up. If your vinyl patio or deck doesn’t yet feel cozy enough for regular use, then Tuff Industries has a few suggestions to help it feel more homely:

Tip #1: Dining and Lounge Area

If you’re serious about spending more time on your vinyl patio or deck this year, then you’ll need an upgrade from just dining furniture. Make your vinyl patio a place where you want to hang out – with a space to relax and catch up with friends and family, or just unwind at the end of the day.

Tip #2: Retro Accents for Vinyl Patios

Retro colors and styles are all the rage and can help bring a bit of the past into the future. Look for funky, 60’s-inspired patterns and colors for cushions and rugs. Additionally, fun patterns and styles can be found for accents like side tables and chairs.

Tip #3: Make Serving Easier

It’s a conundrum, you love entertaining but hate the time it takes up! Make serving easier with a few options – such as large pitchers for drinks, bowls for chips and dip, and platters for items coming off the barbecue. Consider installing an outdoor sink so you can pre-rinse (and worry about washing up later).

Tip #4: More Color

Most vinyl patio sets are a bit ho-hum in greys, blacks, and beiges. This can give your vinyl deck or patio a bit of a depressing feel – unless you add some color. Choose a few complimentary colors (blue/green or red/orange), along with a neutral brown/beige/grey for balance. This can include throw pillows, rugs, pots, even chairs, as well as plates and accessories for your table. Colorful flowers and plants can also add a splash of color where needed. Don’t be afraid to experiment!

Tip #5: Maximize Comfort

Vinyl patios and decks that aren’t comfortable just aren’t enjoyable to use. You might need to invest in some new cushions or even a new outdoor seating set if your current one isn’t usable. Underneath, put in a new vinyl surface to help make walking on your deck more tolerable.

Tip #6: Intentional Mismatch

Whether color, heights, styles, or materials, adding some chaos to your vinyl patio or deck can be the trick to helping it feel more homely and lived-in, rather than something thrown together or torn out of a magazine. Think different pot heights, two or more textiles for cushions/seating, even different types and style of plants.

Tip #7: Enhance Privacy

It’s hard to enjoy your vinyl patio in the spring when your neighbors are staring at you – so enhance the privacy on your patio or deck. It could be as easy as installing a shade screen, trellis, or planting some fast-growing bamboo.

Finally, make sure your deck or patio is going to hold up to the rigors of another year. Check it over for safety and consider installing a new vinyl deck membrane so you can enjoy a hassle-free deck/patio experience.




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