Deck Collapse: Tips to Keep Your Vinyl Deck Safe

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Deck Collapse: Tips to Keep Your Vinyl Deck Safe

There have been several, high-profile deck collapses in the news recently, and with that comes the concern that your own vinyl deck might be at risk. Tuff Industries will help you ensure that your vinyl deck (and anyone who uses it) is safe for the long term.

June-August = Deck Collapse Season

Why do the majority of deck collapses happen in these few months? Primarily, it’s because it’s when people use their decks most. It’s also a time when people tend to have large gatherings on their decks, without knowing if their decks can handle the strain. For this reason, it’s imperative that you take the time to check your deck thoroughly before the season starts. Repeat at the end of the year so steps can be taken to protect your deck over the rainy/snowy season.

Check Common Causes

Many deck failures are linked to a similar failure to meet current building codes. When you purchase a home or build a deck it is imperative to check that it meets current building codes. Primarily, you’ll be most concerned with how the ledger deck attaches to the building envelope. Also look at whether the original builder used nails, screws, lag bolts, etc.

The second factor is water damage. Any type of water damage should be a major concern as it deteriorates the structural integrity of your deck. Water damage needs to be fixed quickly before it can cause irreparable damage to your deck and cause a weakening of the structure.

It primarily comes down to this: if you have any suspicion that your deck is in need of repair you need to take immediate action. Doing so will help to prevent collapse or other safety issues. In the meantime, clean your deck and look it over at least twice per year to catch issues before they become major problems.

Understand How Waterproof Membranes Help Protect Vinyl Decks

You can take steps to ensure the continued protection of your vinyl deck by installing a new waterproof vinyl deck membrane from Tufdek™. A new membrane will offer increased waterproof protection for not only the deck surface but also the underlying structure. This, in turn, will provide long-term protection and the peace of mind knowing that your deck was finished professionally and to current building standards.

Whether you are a homeowner, renter, landlord, tenant, or property manager, vinyl deck safety is something that we all need to be concerned about. Check your deck, hire a professional, and then sit back and relax knowing your vinyl deck is safe.



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