5 Ways to Improve Vinyl Deck Curb Appeal


5 Ways to Improve Vinyl Deck Curb Appeal

A lot of emphasis is put on curb appeal in order to sell a home, but your vinyl deck curb appeal is just as important. While curb appeal will certainly attract attention upon initial inspection, a derelict or unattended deck can cost you a sale. Tuff Industries recommends you consider a few improvements to bump up the curb appeal of a vinyl deck, sundeck, or patio:

Tip One: Replace/Paint the Door

How the vinyl deck is accessed is a big part of the curb appeal, so if you have an old door you might want to give it a new coat of paint or consider replacing it with one that is more in keeping with the style of your deck. While you are working on the door, check the seals around doors and windows on the deck to ensure that everything is still waterproofed and protecting your home.

Tip Two: New Light Fixtures

Old (old tacky) light fixtures can quickly date a home or detract from the beauty of your vinyl deck. Changing a light fixture takes less than an hour – so consider updating exterior lights, as well as adding a string of paper lanterns or white lights under the deck roof to give your deck a more inviting appeal.

Tip Three: Wash the Windows

Not only do clean windows on your home let in the light, they make for a nice frame on your vinyl deck. In just a few minutes you can have sparkling panes that let your vinyl deck show off its best side. Check in the edges as well, dirt can accumulate there and make everything look dingy.

Tip Four: Invest in Planters

The great thing about planters is that they can quickly add a dash of color and allow you to pick and choose the plants you want to grow on your vinyl deck. You can also take them with you when you move, so it’s a win-win. Remember that large planters filled with soil add a lot of weight to your deck, so ensure that your deck can handle the additional load.

Additionally, check the condition of your vinyl membrane, to ensure that it is still offering waterproof protection, otherwise water on your deck might seep under the deck surface.

Tip Five: Clean for Maximum Vinyl Deck Curb Appeal

Your deck needs to be in tip-top shape to impress potential buyers. It’s also a great idea to keep your deck clean as a rule, so it lasts longer and can be enjoyed. So, maximize your vinyl deck curb appeal by conducting some maintenance and in just an hour or two you can have a beautiful vinyl surface.

Of course, if your deck surface needs some revitalization you can always invest in a new vinyl deck membrane. It’s a terrific investment, whether selling your home or not, and can offer a whole new lease on your deck. Check out some amazing Tufdek™ waterproof vinyl deck surfaces and find one that will make your home even more enjoyable (and easier to sell).

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