Top Vinyl Deck Trends for 2017

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Top Vinyl Deck Trends for 2017

It’s a new year, and that means new trends for outdoor living. Tufdek has scoured the web to find the best trends for this year, so your deck can be trendy, comfortable, and fun to use.

Here are a few of our top trends for your deck:

Trend #1: Go Natural

Once again, homeowners are embracing natural materials on their vinyl decks and patios and eschewing the more standard geometric styles. This combination helps to create a homey, lived in style. Think natural woods, bamboos, wicker, etc., combined with irregular shapes (or at least non-square).

Trend #2: Local Sourcing

We all know that buying local is good for our economy and helps to make our communities stronger, so why not do the same for your patio furniture, barbecue, accessories, etc.? The same goes for building materials, plants, rocks, and any other landscaping help. Look for sources that make their products in house or sourced regionally, rather than importing, to also reduce the carbon emission created in the process.

Another similar trend is repurposing old or vintage materials. Recycling is in!

Trend #3: Big, Bold Color

Splashes of color can make a big difference to drab vinyl decks. Think large wall art, big jewel-colored pots, and throw rugs. The key here is to concentrate color (or a group of colors) in one area, such as the sitting area while using other blocks of color for other areas.

Trend #4: Get Even More Local

While buying local produce is great, you can get even more local by growing your own. Even if it’s just a few tomatoes, peppers, and herbs, there’s no reason why you can’t have a garden on your vinyl deck. Don’t forget to include plants that help feed the bees and butterflies!

Trend #5: Less Lawn

While it’s hard to imagine in the grip of one of our coldest winters on record in most of the region, summer is going to be hot. You can reduce your water usage and cut down on maintenance by installing drought-resistant grass, wild grasses, or rock gardens and drought-proof plants and local wildflowers. If you really need a green space, consider fake grass (turf), today’s new varieties look quite convincing.

Trend #7: Mix it Up

Whether your current vinyl deck style is modern chic or comfortable country, you don’t have to toss it all to update your deck. Employing a combination of styles is totally okay, as long as you work to create a cohesive style. For example, you can incorporate colors from one style into the accents in another.

Trend #8: Sustainability

Eco-friendly products are taking more prominence these days. Whether it’s the furniture made from sustainable materials, recyclable components, or long-lasting materials that can be repurposed at the end of its lifespan, you don’t have to look far to find products that are easy on the environment.

For example, Tufdek vinyl decking is a low VOC vinyl membrane, lasts for decades, and can be recycled into a new product at the end of its life-cycle. It’s also an effective and sustainable roof decking product!

Make 2017 a great year for enjoying your deck while updating it with the latest trends in outdoor living.

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