Top Tips for Choosing a Vinyl Deck Railing


Top Tips for Choosing a Vinyl Deck Railing


Selecting Vinyl Deck Railings to Complement Your Home

While your vinyl deck membrane is the foundation of a beautiful deck, the vinyl deck railing serves as your frame. Choosing a vinyl deck railing that complements your deck, house, and surroundings is not very difficult – but it is important. Tuff Industries has pulled together the top tips to help you choose the best vinyl deck railing for your space.

Vinyl Deck Railing Components

Understanding the different components of your vinyl deck railing can help you visualize how it all works together. Your posts act as vertical support and can include post caps to add interest. Railings connect the posts at the top and bottom and add structural support. Balusters or spindles run vertically between the top and bottom railings and can be composed of composite, glass, metal, or wood.

Manufactured Vinyl Deck Railings vs. Natural Materials

Your first major decision is which material you’ll use for your deck railings. Manufactured vinyl deck railings are becoming more and more popular, as they offer a variety of shapes, sizes, and colours. They are easy to clean, durable, and generally are more affordable than railings made from natural materials.

However, natural materials have their benefits as well. Besides looking beautiful, natural materials like glass, wood, and metal can combine to create stunning, original deck railings. Consider the best combination for your budget, as well as your personal style and willingness to keep with regular maintenance when required.

Choosing a Railing Type for your Vinyl Deck

What type of railing should you choose? Here’s a rundown of the common types of railings that are typically used with vinyl decking and their benefits:

Aluminum Deck Railings

This common railing type is nice and light, yet sturdy. Aluminum vinyl deck railings resist corrosion and are mould and mildew resistant and will stand up to the test of time. One of its most redemptive features is that it requires very little maintenance.

PVC or Vinyl Deck Railings

Vinyl railings are popular for waterproof decks, as they are lightweight and can be combined with other elements, such as glass or iron, to create a deck railing that is complementary to your home. PVC deck railings are affordable and easy to maintain – perfect for busy families or homes where you don’t want to spend a lot of time maintaining your deck.

Wood Deck Railings

For a traditional or rustic look, wood deck railings are the way to go. Wood adds warmth and can be custom stained to match your home or to stand out. Over time, wood will warp, so you need to keep up with maintenance if you want your wood railings to stay looking great. This maintenance may include occasional sanding and staining to maintain waterproofing.

Iron Railings

Iron railings may be on the higher end of the cost spectrum, but for good reason. Iron can be cast in a variety of shapes and sizes, so odds are that you can find a railing or spindle style that suits your home and adds an artistic flair, particularly to vinyl roof decks. They also are incredibly durable and can increase the value of your home.

Railings are an important frame for your vinyl deck, so once you’ve decided on the perfect style of vinyl deck membrane, spend some time looking at different styles of deck railings to find one that suits your home.

Feel free to talk to a Tufdek™ Dealer about the type of vinyl deck railing that will work best for your home and complement your waterproof deck.

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